A Saint in Training!

As I was sitting in my pew on Sunday waiting for mass to began, I was smiling to myself!  Smiling because I knew I was not alone!

November 1st, we celebrated All saints day…it is about celebrating the saints who have come before us..honoring them…remembering them…but it’s more than that.  It is about reflection on their lives.  About finding hope and joy that we too are saints, are capable of the greatness they accomplished.  After all, they too were only human.  They too had flaws, obstacles, sins, struggles, burdens, vices….yet they battled these to do the greater good.  Maybe even because of their flaws and struggles they gave themselves even more to God.  They fraught for what was right…for virtue…for God.

We tend to think of the famous saints:  Anthony, Michael, Joan…the list goes on but we fail to realize there are many many more saints.  There are the unnamed, unknown saints, that went about their every day life, every day struggles, yet would strive to bring joy and hope or peace to even one person that came in contact with them .  This is what we should all be striving for:  SAINTHOOD.

 It is not pompous..its not prideful… it is not pretentious…to say my goal is sainthood.  This is how I see it…I want to raise a Godly daughter…I have ambitions, goals, for her to be a saint..sins and all. Thus to raise a saint I must model being a saint.  Again, remember saints weren’t, aren’t perfect…they were, are real…and through their realness God is able to do His amazing work.  What sets them apart is being open to Gods will:  ALWAYS!!!

The other day, I was sharing  with my husband how I feel  blessed with my thyroid condition.  ALL OF IT!!  This is not to say I don’t have days I struggle….especially when it messes with my cognitive health…and my mental-vanity health….especially with my dis-morphia; because low energy days or days where I  am feeling physically yucky can be a doozy for my dismorphic-mental health.  BUT I see it as a way to continue to unwrap the beautiful onion that I am.  I am being given the opportunity to continue to peel away the next layer of health and wellness to arrive closer to the bud, the heart…to see, the bloom….MY SOUL… who I am .  And that is why I feel SO BLESSED!!!

I told my hubby because of this thyroid condition and all the  physical challenges that have come with it I have had my eyes deeply opened to what is TRUE HEALTH…and with that I am already healed!  My physical body may still be struggling, my mental health may still have work….but my spiritual health is stronger than it has ever been.

If my journey to sainthood, for my daughter’s journey, is to endure physical and mental trials to strengthen my souls health then it’s a no brain-er for me.  I will gladly take it all!!!

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