Singing to a different tune!

Over the last year I have not been able to sing more and more.  My voice was changing….shifting….constricting….not producing….

This may not be a big deal to many….and really it shouldn’t be a big deal to me….but music has always been apart of my life.  I have always appreciated the different ways music can create peace, joy, healing….and so much more.  I have been singing since I was little.  I always enjoyed being in school choirs….church choirs….just singing to sing.  I have learned to love my voice and know that just like art….my instrument (my voice) is mine….and some may not like the sound it produces but others may.   But truly none of that ever mattered to me….I just sang to sing….because it created great joy deep within.

Now when I sing….it either is a strain….or it hurts….or I just can’t produce anything whatsoever.  It has become a sorrow within me.  I am surrounded by beautiful music at my church.  I have some amazing friends who have dedicated their life to music and I can’t even sing side by side with them anymore.

Last Sunday, during the sermon, I realized something that created such joy and peach within me…..

What if my voice is in a different season.  A different faze….growth.  Rather than morn the loss of my musical vocals….I should celebrate the voice that has taken on a whole new depth and breath.   A richness that must be celebrated instead of mourned.

Using our voice isn’t just about the speaking or singing abilities .  It is about being able to make a noise.  There are so many ways we can use our “voice” without even speak with our vocal cords or singing….

Using our voice is also about:
The written word…
taking action…
helping enact change….

What if God is giving me the gift to grow with abundance with my voice through my words…through my works….

This Sunday’s sermon was about wrestling with life’s challenges.
What do I do with my life when faced with challenges?
What do I do with it right now?
Am I able to grow closer to Christ through a challenge or do I become bitter?

Real life is deliberate.

What if my thyroid is helping me learn how to use my voice fuller, louder, stronger…..than I ever could have before…..

What if my thyroid is helping me learn how to strengthen my armor even stronger for Christ!?

So the question I have for each of you….are you letting your lifes challenges… personal, physical, emotion…help you use your voice?


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