Super Powered Chi Tea with BSO

Hello!  Long time no write! I’ve been having lots of fun with my darling daughter, sweet hubby, and constantly evolving with life, love, and laughter…..we are gearing up for some fun adventures that have been keeping me busy….but I had to share with you all a new and really yummy way to drink my BSO!

I have created a super powered/bullet proofed chi-tea…..
I didn’t really care for the original hot version.   The hot water, honey, and cinnamon didn’t cover the flavor well enough for me.  so I came up with making it into a smoothie.  But there were some instances it didn’t blend very well!  I have since learned that the brand I was taking may not have been as 100% as the label said it to be.  I could be wrong but the brand I am taking now is beyond yummy….if you can say yummy and BSO in the same sentence….lol..

And I’ve heard that there are some coffee recipes floating around but since I’m on an autoimmune protocol lifestyle coffee is not my friend.  But….I sure do love using my chicory root mix with different chi teas or even creating my own chi tea.  Thus my brain got to “brewing”….and I came up with a mix that I not only love drinking my BSO but I have to remind myself I really only need it twice a day!
One of the really cool things about bso is that it enhances the properties of what your drinking it with.  So let’s say you’re having some gut inflammation and ginger usually sooths it for you….well add some ginger with your chi tea….and so forth!

As you can see with my picture these are just a few of the chi teas I use.  So what does my everyday chi tea look like?!

A scoop of my Chicory root mix or the dandelion tea bag.  One bag of the green tea chi.  A dropper full off maca root.    About 2 tablespoons of coconut milk from the can.  A tablespoon of coconut oil.   And for the kicker 1-2 tablespoons of BSO.  Whisk it all really good and drink up!!!
In case you haven’t read on my Facebook page the chicory root blend I have in my can is:
Chicory root
Milk thistle
Licorice root
Dandelion root
Marshmallow root
*sometimes ginger
Then from that you can blend all sorts of spices. 
It’s fun to create yummy concoctions that not only taste good but nourish your whole body!!! I love it!
Some other recipes I have done with my BSO are….
Maca BSO smoothie:
2 tbs BSO
1 tbs cinnamon
1 tbs vanilla
1tbs carob
1 tsp maca root
5-10 drops of stevia (I normally only use 1-2 drops of stevia but more stevia helps with the BSO taste…but this new brand may be different!)
1/2 cup of coconut milk from can
1/2 cup water
Warm turmeric tea:
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup water
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp ginger
5 drops of stevia
Warm it all together first then add 1-2 tbs of BSO 
Whisk and enjoy!  
So these are my three favorite recipes and remember you want to use a quality source of BSO and in glass!
I get mine from Abuntant Life Nutrients…here is the link to their store:
So hope you all enjoy these recipe ideas!
How do you drink your BSO?
Hugs and prayers always to all…
~Kelly 😊

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