I’ve been pondering for a while to unplug again.  I unplugged from social media and most technology this year during lent.  It was very interesting and also very free, very liberating.
Over the course of the last 2 months I have become entrenched, saturated with reading, researching, learning all I can about thyroid issues and brain health; the nutritional needs to heal, repair, restore, nurture both those and so much more.  I have realized my love for learning, bio-hacking has great benefits but is also has some drawbacks especially with my personality, temperament, my being.
So over the course of the last few months I keep coming across different podcasts and devotionals that has me reflecting on an even simpler way of life.  
A dear friend had earlier this year introduced the Marie Kondo book to me…..and I loved it.  I became “obsessed” and immersed in it.  Because it was very similar to what I had done about 5 years ago….but to the next level.  I loved it because my heart and soul truly is a minimalist.  I think the problem is sometimes, some personalities, when we are influenced or surrounded by others with different personalities, different goals, desires…..we can get lost in the crowd….we can lose our voice.
This is not to say that other personalities are wrong…..or each personals different ambitions, goals, wants, desires…..are bad…..I’m saying when you know yourself….when you truly get to know yourself…..you learn your threshold of what you can and can’t be surrounded with…..you learn what you should surround yourself with.  You learn you are stronger and weaker when you are going through different seasons of your life thus you are able to be mindful of what you should and shouldn’t surround yourself with. 
My only regret when I did the Marie Kondo earlier this year with my house is I didn’t take before pictures.  
 I love how as I was cleaning out and getting rid of stuff again, this time it was truly about a different mindset.  It was about only keeping the things I love or give me joy.  It was about willing to release things that provided purpose once upon a time….but no longer do.  It was about saying “thank you for being apart of my life but you are no longer needed” and not feeling guilty about letting go of that beloved sweater, or even a trinket that is just gathering dust even if you love the person who gave it to you.
If a person truly embraces doing this to their house….their possessions….they can’t help but have the thoughts spill over into their mind, body and soul of everything.
Which brings me back to unplugging……detoxing…..fasting…..minimizing…..everyday stuff that are distractions from the big picture.   
The last 2 months I have lived and breathed some amazing books, amazing studies, some amazing biohacks.  I have felt invigorated with learning some stuff…but I also have had some frustrating setbacks.  And I realized my love for reading and research is my strongest asset but also my Achilles heel.   I must must must demand balance with it for myself.
For example, I mustn’t get so legalistic about my sleep having to be just perfect for my body to heal that I actually create more mental stress that it becomes counterproductive to what my goal is.
So when I listened to The Health Bridge podcast a few months or weeks ago about how James Abel went off the grid with technology and other aspects of life….it resonated in me.  It has kind of lingered.   Then just this week I listened to a podcast with Underground Wellness’s Sean Croxton.   He had a guest talking about his book “The Gluten Lie”…….which I probably have no intention of reading this book because the interview was done so well  it gave enough to ponder and glean from.  (And a side note; don’t let the title deter you or mislead you…..it is about more than debunking the gluten health issues…..he isn’t saying gluten sensitivity isn’t true…..he goes into the science and stuff of the other writers, researchers, doctors who write about it..etc…)
So back on track of the bigger picture and message of his interview……
There were several things I had heard before that were interesting…I enjoyed his different take….as well as his different aspect, point of view.   I liked how he really brought out how sometimes when we get so caught up in trying to find solutions to problems, albeit medical, nutritional, physical…..we sometimes forget about the metaphysical, the complexity of the mind….and truly the soul as well.   What his whole point (I think) is  sometimes we can make a situation worse or better just by how we think about it….just by how we “be” with it….what is it resonating in our mind and soul?
The other point that was brought toward the end of the podcast was how we have been blessed to have readily available access to research and info like we have never had before with the internet…but it also can become a crutch of overload.   And this is what really resounded with me.  He challenged people to “fast” from research….media….etc.  He went on to explain what is a true addiction.   So the question really is…does a person feel like they “have” to get on Facebook or they are going to “die”……does a person feel so compelled to “share”  everything they read, learn, etc…..
And for people like me who enjoy blogging…..where does that put us?   Am I a narcissist because I share aspects of my life?  Or am I being helpful.   Thus, it comes back to my philosophy for my own self which is I want my every action to be “life giving” not life taking.  With this, I truly reflect on when I share something….am I being helpful, hurtful, or just adding to the “clutter” that is out there.
This has all had me really pondering and reflecting.  It is interesting because if you have a Facebook page for business, blogging, whatever….point being a page you manage under your own name…you can actually schedule out your postings.  Just like a person can with blogging.   Sometimes I like to do that….especially if it is just for general info to share…..but I love writing in the here and now though too……
So I had actually scheduled this mornings Facebook posting about a week ago…
This is what I wrote:

I loved this podcast when I heard it months ago! I loved how James Abel shared his experience of going off the grid. Everyone thinks what they have to say or share is sooo important they just have to get on whatever favorite media right now to get it shared and passed on! I’m no different. And with smart phones we are chained to emails, social media, shopping, bills, etc…all right in our hands or pocket or purse…never more than an arms length away.
I can’t help but think how it reminds me of notes I took from a sermon in July. This is what I wrote:
Sunday Sermon
July 12, 2015
Things we hold onto for too long eventually weigh us down.
Packing too much throws us off of the journey.
Attitude…is it drawing us close to God or holding us back.
Everything we truly need is within us….our hearts. We don’t need anything else!!!
The most important is truly the call …the journey…our life…hold all else loosely….
Listen: trust the journey.
****so with that I encourage all of you to listen to the podcast I took a picture of from the health bridge.
I have been feeling compelled to unplug even more as I heal my body, my health….and with my dynamic daughters new school year adventure starting up this coming week I want to love the journey and be in the moment of what is important rather than focusing on what so I need to pack…what did I forget…did I make sure and pass on some so important info one big or on social media….
Instead I want to have tea with you…laugh…love…learn…and live in the moment…experience the journey…
With joy not junk!!!
What do you do each day to grow in your journey? Or do you have lots of distractions that pull you away from your walk with Christ?!
Join me on a journey to get closer to Jesus!

..and I was initially scheduling it for the 15th but I realized this week I wanted to bump up the time frame…..and I know it is because of the Underground Wellness’s podcast.  I know it is because I am ready for a “fast” like I have never done before.   I am going to fast from research on health and nutrition for at least a month.  I have unsubscribed from all the different newsletters I normally receive in my email.  The info is going to all be there waiting when I decide to re-plug in to research and passing on articles, nutritional info links.   Does this mean I plan on not posting my own personal thoughts, discoveries, and journey on life: mind, body, soul?  NO.   What it means is I am continually learning and growing in my walk of life…..in how to better care for myself: mind body and soul.   
Are you ready to grow in a different way in your life?  What do you need to reflect upon or fast from that is holding you back from taking that next step in growth?  
After all remember science is continually changing…evolving….and it is from God!!!  God gave us science to learn and love….to grow to change….to improve!  But we as humans must must must take it to Him first so we don’t get in the way.  Yet that is the beauty of life….we ARE HUMAN….we will make mistakes…..heck we will even have different thoughts from a year ago….that’s science….and if we are open to the change….to the growth…to the seasons….we are open to GOD in our life!!!

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