Skillet Apple "Pie-Cake"

We had some apples that were just not crisp…and in my house a mushy apple is doomed. 
 I despise waste!  I had just bought these apples!
What to do?

Thus the science experiment began….
I put the apples in the pan to brown with coconut oil and cinnamon.

Once I had them to the wonderful aroma that fills your home…I pulled the pan from the stove and started adding things…
Kefir creme
Coconut Flour (very little)
a couple scoops of JJ Virgins vanilla plant based protien powder

I mixed and mixed and mixed….until smooth and looking pretty good….then I layered the top with Granola (this brand)….

I put it in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes (I think…I kept checking after 30 minutes til a toothpick came out clean and not goopy from the dough mixture)….

It was not something, even before my autoimmune diet requirement, I could partake in…..because oats inflame me…BUT my family couldn’t get enough of this crazy experiment.

My philosophy has become…. 

Don’t throw something out until you are sure absolutely sure you can’t create something with it…or compost it :)….

What are some surprising delights you have created just because you decided to experiment?

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