Meatza Pizza!

The meatza pizza…so simple…yet so yummy…
a pound of grass fed beef pressed down in a square pan…cooked on broil at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes… don’t forget to put the seasonings you want on the meat to have them cook in…I did salt, garlic, basil…
Once cooked through and basically a crisp “sheet”….I drained the fat….then smothered the sauce on it….put layers of uncured, no-nitrate pepperoni slices….yes I used the jumbo sandwich slice size!

I sprinkled it with a grass fed Parmesan-Romano blend….this is a more robust cheese blend so less is needed….I still can’t have dairy but at-least my family can enjoy small doses of it….

Cut…serve with your favorite salad or side…..
I dare you to have more than one slice!
What are some creative ways you have reinvented the pizza to make it healthier for your family?

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