Magic Mint Ice Cream

2 cans of coconut milk
1/2 c coconut sugar
10 drops of stevia 
5 sprigs of fresh mint
1 tbs vanilla
Handful of spinach
1/4 cups of non-gelling collagen (Great Lakes)
3 Tbs acacia fiber
I blended all ingredients in my ninja….then I poured the concoction into my Kitchen Aides Ice Cream Maker attachment…easy ice cream!
*** This ice cream was inspired by the original easy 3 ingredient recipe of: coconut milk, sugar, and vanilla….it actually stays soft in the freezer….
Now the even healthier version below is best when served within the day…otherwise it does get pretty solid….but it does make great milkshakes during the week :)….
I am always trying to sneak nutrition in my daughters food.  She has a sweet tooth that will not end.  So I have decided over the last couple of years to not fight it but to make it work to my advantage.    So here is another creation I’ve come up with that totally won her over.   She also put some chocolate syrup on it.  But hey she got some protein, fiber, and spinach in her and never even knew it!   She absolutely loved it.  Of course she knew something was up when I was ok with her eating it for breakfast!…lol…


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