Different Deviled Eggs

I absolutely love love love eggs!
BUT…since I am on an autoimmune protocol right now, I am unable to enjoy them. 
 BUT…I do still enjoy making deviled eggs for loved ones.
This has become a favorite that my honorable hubby loves…well actually he has liked almost all of my varieties….but the ones with avocado I think are his favorite.
So here I was creating two different varieties for some friends.
All the ingredients were the same….the only difference was the fat choice.  One was with avocado and the other was with Mark Sisson’s Primal Mayo….which let me say when I was eating eggs…..I COULD EAT THIS MAYO BY THE SPOONFULS!!!!

***I would get it at Thrive (here)!
And with the picture you can tell which were with mayo and which with avocado….it definitely gives you a different take on GREEN EGGS and ham ;)…lol…

Therefore this recipe was:
4 boiled eggs cut and separated
Put the yolks in a bowl (4 halves in one bowl and 4 for the other if doing different flavors)
Mix the yolks with:
2-3 tsp of Sriracha sauce
1 tablespoon lime juice
whole avocado or one heaping tbs of mayo
salt to taste
blend smooth…fill the whites with yummy goodness.
This is a great kick and twist that is supper easy for deviled eggs.
Now the eggs in the top picture…..

The eggs on the flowery plate…..I don’t exactly remember the ratio but they were so fun….and I couldn’t make them fast enough….they were being eaten by all in my kitchen that day as I was getting them made…heck I barely got that picture taken…lol.
So here is the general idea and you can tweak it from there :)…
Mayo or avocado or olive oil
lemon juice
salt, garlic and onion powder
***the three different twists:
One has chopped cilantro and onion in it.
Another has roasted chopped green chili in it.
and the third has cooked and chopped bacon bites in it.
What are some fun creative ways you have made delicious deviled eggs?

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