New Beginnings…A Journey for the Mind Body and Soul of Daughters!

Easter Season is full of beautiful new beginnings…our amazing Lord has risen!

I hope you enjoy this journey on Raising Dynamic Daughters into Wonderful Warrior Women.

We are going to create a new ripple of resurrecting what our true femininity is all about for our daughters.  We are going to resurrect the beauty and design God had/has in store for us as women and for our daughters!!!

I am no expert…I am just a mom of a daughter…desiring to make a change for her, for you, for all women and girls. Everything I will be sharing for the next 50 days is stuff I have learned…read…felt inspired by to raise a daughter with love and confidence!

What you will have to look forward to:

1. A scripture to feed our spirit, our soul, to nurture our faith hope and love of raising daughters….to empower ourselves as women. 

2.  I will share with you something I have read, watched, or listened to that has helped me with this journey…sometimes with a personal reflection entwined.

3.  How we can nurture our daughters through: healthy choices about food, exercise, world influences…anything that can be related to our physical body.

Each day will have at least one of the above. With the design and intent to nurture:

Scripture for our soul.
Learning for our mind.
Practices/recipes for our body.

I know the saying is: MIND, BODY, SOUL….but my thoughts are when we focus 1st on the soul through God’s word it creates a desire to obtain the knowledge to feed the mind, which then instills the discipline to care for my body, to do God’s work which all brings us back to our soul…making us stronger to be the warrior woman for our amazing God.  That gives me FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.

Many blessings, hugs, and prayers…
~Kelly 🙂

PS….I hope to post something inspiriting, informative, and/or helpful each day…but keep in mind….just as I need to remind myself as well….my first and foremost responsibility is to God..then hubby…then child…then education…then blog :)…..AND LIFE HAPPENS SOMETIMES :)….

PPS….any recipes I post between now and Pentecost will be creations that my Dynamic Daughter really likes….so there won’t be a great deal of my salad creations (yet) but some really fun ways of “sneaking” some powerful foods into your daughters diet to help her keep ‘balanced’ with her developing body and mind!

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