Day 21: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Congratulations…you have set aside 21 days to learn how to truly love yourself: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!!!

BUT…it doesn’t stop here.

This is just the beginning!

You MUST continue to work…to grow…to learn!

If you are ready to further your love…check out this great 28 day challenge by Molly Galbraith from Girls Gone Strong!

This is a great way to continue your journey of learning how to love yourself fully…to praise your accomplishments…to put life into perspective…and to embrace the whole MIND, BODY, SOUL connection in your life…in everything you do!!!

I remember reading many years ago how it takes 21 days to truly create a change within a person for anything.  Thus, allow the last 21 days to be the beginning of something new…something wonderful…something beautiful!  A new way of seeing yourself!

I remember when I was able to make that true transition and shift about 12 years ago.  It was so freeing and beautiful.   It doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments of “relapses” or down days but I never give into a full blown ugh of self loath or self destructive thinking.

Just as I heard on a fabulous interview of Molly Galbraith recently, loving yourself is a continual journey…a journey worth taking…a journey worth fighting for!

It’s kind of fun seeing how long it can go between moments of self doubt and challenge yourself to go even longer…to become even freer!

Thus…go out tonight…enjoy that chocolate…enjoy that glass of wine…enjoy the moment to celebrate your love with those your love…but most of all celebrate the amazing journey you have just completed of loving yourself better and the greater journey of further loving yourself for a lifetime!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Many blessings and hugs,
~Kelly 😉

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