Day 13: Are you enough?

When did women start feeling like being a wife and mother wasn’t enough?

When did any of us feel like we have to be and do ten different things in order to have value…to have importance…to have life?


I love my vocation…my calling…my life!   And you should to!

Today rather than feeling like you are not ______ (fill in the blank) enough….


What EVER it is you find yourself saying that you are not enough about….STOP….read the reflection I took a picture of….ponder on the words….and know that HE KNOWS YOU’RE ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE…HE LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE!

This isn’t a pass on working on ourselves: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL….we always have work to do…but instead it allows us to love ourselves exactly where we are at and to love the process of growing…love the process of change…love the process of learning…love the process of insight…

I smile today…even knowing some of the challenges I have going on…I smile still because I KNOW I am an amazing…strong…beautiful woman…BECAUSE HE MADE ME IN HIS IMAGE!!!

And for me being a wife and mother is beyond a full plate and I am just not interested in having 2 or 3 plates in front of me!  I have given up over eating :)….I like taking my time and savoring the dish I have in front of me and appreciating the wonderful delights I receive from that one plate!

What about you?  What can you do today to change your “not _______ enough” thoughts into AMAZINGLY CONTENT WITH LITTLE AND WITH GROWTH thoughts?

~Kelly 🙂

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