September 13, 2014 Women’s Conference Sum Up!

I waited a bit longer than I had intended to share with everyone this amazing day of reflection, prayer, and personal growth that I experienced a month ago.  

(Read previous post here to learn about the lead up to this Women’s Conference I attended in September!)

My one huge thing for all women who didn’t get to go:  YOU MUST GO NEXT YEAR!

Now I am a huge Joyce Meyer fan.  I would love to go to one of her conferences one of these years….but let me tell you the speaker: ROSE SWEET, was top notch! Check out her website here! 

She provided a beautiful, hip, loving environment that blows all those old thoughts that a CATHOLIC conference is stuffy, too serious, or too outdated.  

I remember going to a learning session once years and years ago to learn some things about my faith.  The speaker was well intended, she had fantastic material and message to share but the stuff she used wasn’t catchy, wasn’t with the times, and she didn’t really engage her group.  Maybe I was naive, a newbie, and a little bit out of my league….but it just was dull for me.

BUT…this was nothing like that…..

This was empowering…

This was amazing….


The first part of the day was learning about the 4 levels of happiness.  That basically we MUST strive to be in level four:  an amazing beautiful relationship with GOD!  

To understand just how much to TRULY LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT!!!  It is at this level that we will find true, full happiness.
Levels one, two, and three (things, self, others) are intended to point us to God, level 4!!!  Thus, we must reorder our lives and put GOD at the top of our pyramid, instead of any of the other levels.

How do we achieve this?



Be quiet…listen to HIM!

Get away from everyone to BE with HIM.

Read HIS words….GROW in HIS word.

When you fall in love with God, you get to KNOW HIM on a level that is hard to explain and others may not understand.


Yet when you TRULY love HIM you are able to know HIM and SERVE HIM without feeling ME, ME, ME; without feeling like you must impress others, or worry about stuff, or all the other reasons that may hold you back from truly LOVING AND RECEIVING GOD AS YOUR FIRST MAN!!!!

The second half of the day was about the 7 stages of Romance.
Big take home: these stages lead us to THE TRUE ROMANCE WITH GOD.
Our goal is to know God so intimately that we become so full with HIM that we don’t desire other imitations.

Be willing to say to HIM: TAKE ME LORD!  

My summary doesn’t possibly give that day full justice….but I hope it gives many of you something to think about.  I pray you all mark your calendars for next fall to NOT miss this amazing conference.

St. Teresa challenged herself to continually learn, grow, and move in her faith….this is exactly what this conference with do for you!!!

Blessings and love always,
~K 🙂

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