Family on Friday: The Gift of True Love!

As I sat this morning reflecting on my week…reflecting on my day…reflecting on the weekend….

Then I remembered…The week was fuller…YES…so many activities started back up for us this week! 
And this Sunday looks more like Monday Madness, rather than a Sunday Siesta!


Today we have family photos scheduled at the church…then family eats…then daddy/daughter bonding time starts and continues through  tomorrow evening;thus even though I will not be with my family tomorrow I am doing something that will be blessing my family for a very long time.
I am stepping away from schedules, away from TO DO lists, away from obligations, to do something truly FOR ME!  (Something I am really bad about not doing, mostly ’cause I feel guilty, totally other topic for another day…lol!)
Yet…my family WILL reap the benefits from it, because…
I am going to be filling up my love tank. 
I will be refreshing my Mind.  
I will be renewing my soul!
I will be spending my Saturday, September 13, 2014, from 8:30-6:30 at St. Mary’s Cathedral, with other women also looking for ways to be STRONGER SOLDIERS..for themselves…for their families…for CHRIST!
If you are still on the fence about attending this conference….THEN JUMP DOWN and JOIN ME with so many other women to not only learn some amazing things, but to also “RETREAT” from the hustle and bustle…to remember what we were created for…why we were created…and who we are!!
I cant wait to fill up my tank…my soul…full of…
***Click here to register…to find out more….to come…but don’t let that stop you just COME!!!
***Now you might say…but Kelly I don’t live where you live!…..THEN FIND SOMETHING TODAY….RIGHT NOW…IN YOUR AREA TO FILL UP YOUR TANK/YOUR SOUL…GOD STYLE!
Finally…remember to pray for all the women and team who are attending this conference!  We are are WONDERFUL WOMEN WARRIORS through prayer…through Christ!
Blessings and hugs always,
~K 🙂

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