Friday’s Faith: novena to Saint Catherine of Siena

I have found over the last couple of years the powerful focus I can have with my prayer life when I pray a novena.  

A novena is normally 9 days of prayers with a specific intention and with/to a specific saint to intercede for your petition.  
It’s history is kind of cool in that it reflects the 9 days Mary and the apostles waited in the upper room praying.  And then it was the 10th day that Jesus appeared to them.  
I am starting a novena today to Saint Catherine of Siena along with many many others.  This will mark nine days before the woman’s conference I talked about on Wednesday.  

I would like to invite all and any to join me  in this amazing way to pray.   This is not just a Catholic thing.   This is a Christian thing.  
We all acknowledge there was a wait in the upper room.

We all believe in our amazing Lord.  

We all believe in the power of prayer. 

Therefore join me in gathering in numbers in force for the success of this conference coming up…

…for hearts to be opened to attend…

…for even you to hear God speaking to you about this conference!

Join me!!!

Hugs and blessings always!
K 😊

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