WEDNESDAY: WWW (Wonderful…Warrior…Women!)

What do women need?

Love…creating ripples…good ripples!
These all help lead us to happiness…to fulfillment…to the heart and core of who we are as wonderful warrior women!!!
What happens when we lean on our power and strength for fulfilling our needs or worse expect others to provide it?
It’s not wrong for us to seek love from others.  It is not wrong to want to give and receive love.  BUT…what if we went to God first.  What if we sought HIS love first?  The great amazing thing is we already have it.  We just need to believe it…EMBRACE IT!!!
ALL WOMEN…struggle with this…some more than others:  single, married, divorced…ALL…young, old, short, tall…..ALL!!!
But what is exciting is we can turn to Gods word to teach us to go to HIM; to learn how to find true happiness.  We can go to him to teach us to know TRUE LOVE!  We can go to HIM to understand what he meant with the bridegroom; how HE gave us Jesus, so we can live amazing full lives.  We can be WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMEN!!!
What is exciting is we don’t have to do this alone.  There are many amazing resources, programs, support groups, out there. 
I am exceptionally excited I get to share with you, on my first week of launching WEDNESDAYS: WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMEN,  a woman’s conference that will be held SEPTEMBER 13 at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  (Check out this link to find out more!)
This conference is going to do exactly what women all over are looking for.  It will empower ALL women to be the amazing women God designed them to be.
This is an exciting opportunity for all women!!!  My hope and prayer is all women will attend this event.  All women will make the time to fill up their spirit during this conference.  That all women will understand this is not just for the married…the single…the divorced….but for ALL women!
I think the divorced are especially vulnerable to not feeling loved or loving themselves.  There is shame, hurt, pain…and we all need to know there are amazing resources designed especially for these brave amazing women who have to figure out their faith walk in a different way.
I am honored to get to share with all of you about this amazing event coming up!
Pass this info on to every woman you know!  Let’s have a packed house!  Let’s rock our town…our diocese!
Let’s all unite as amazing women…
Amazing warriors…
Amazing worshippers…

As we discover our true happiness…
Our true acceptance…
True understanding…
True purpose…
Through the bridegroom….

Through CHRIST!!!!

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