Embracing the silence…
the stillness…

What is it about today’s time, generation, that feels we have to be going going going?

Few people seem to be willing to just sit still for even 5 or 10 minutes without having to be “entertained” or doing something.

How many of us feel we must have the next best thing to accomplish “xyz”?

And how many of us chase the next “best” product, supplement, diet, toy, vacation…to achieve our goals of “satisfaction”?

I challenge all of us to truly think…reflect…pray…during the month of September…on…WHAT DOES OUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL TRULY NEED!?!

How can an individual truly be content in the silence?
…to feel PEACE?
…to gather STRENGTH?

How can someone truly approach each day with simplicity?

A simplicity that still allows us to be responsible…
…yet shed away ALL unnecessary gunk, distractions, of over scheduling…
technology overload
therefore sitting down with family or friends for tea, coffee, a bite to eat, or even a nice glass of wine!

And how can we sustain new habits? Whether in our spiritual life…our physical life….healthy lifestyles and choices…our mental life….our ambitions…goals..purpose….?

I’ve been pursuing these traits…these goals of simplicity, stillness, sustainability, with great pursuit these last couple of years.  I have found it challenging at times, yet also very rewarding.

As I prepare to enter into September, I want to share some ways I have learned to simplify my life. 


blessings and hugs…
~K 🙂

Author: Kelly Frick: Connect

I connect self-care to our self-love through Essential Oils! Nurturing our nutritional needs equals self-care. Our need for nature connects us to our mind body soul spirit being. Knowledge expands understanding that self-care leads to self-love. Self-love lights up the world and connects us to others! We are all connected within and with others. I love sharing, motivating, and educating about the amazing gifts of biblical health through essential oils, self-care, and self-love!

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