Holy Week! 2014: WOW!

As I was preparing my mind last night for Holy Week, as well as my schedule, I was trying to not get overwhelmed with all the “to do’s” and all the “want to accomplish”.  I realized I needed to break down each day of the week to make sure I am truly building myself up to the glorious day that is coming in a short 7 days.  I need to not get caught up with the “we need to be at the church this day, this time, do this, do that….”  You all know what I am talking about.

All the services scheduled are good and important to attend.  They help our souls really become in touch with what is taking place.

But sometimes, us crazy minded people (those who live life with too much on our schedules….oh that’s right…that’s all of us these days….lol) get caught up with where, when, how….rather than BE!

I realized I needed to BREATH!  I needed to remember to not rob myself from truly experiencing and living HOLY WEEK!

I came up with this idea of how I am going to make sure HOLY WEEK is exactly that:  HOLY!


I am going to take a moment this afternoon, with a cup of tea (my bullet proof tea of course:) )….and reflect upon that Christ really and truly did die for ME!   He loves me so much that HE was willing to die on that cross.   And Mary….his mother….she endured a pain and agony no mother should have to witness.  Yet, she did it with grace, dignity, faith!


This day I will reflect on all the tasty things I want to create for Sunday’s celebration.  I will make my list based on wonderful sales, wonderful in season produce, wonderful foods to enjoy and nourish my body, mind and soul!


There are many ways I can reflect on this thought.  I love actually praying the rosary or doing a divine mercy chaplet to really help me reflect upon who Jesus was.  I think it is hard for us humans to really comprehend why God would be willing to put Himself in flesh form.  Feel all we feel.  Make sacrifices most of us can’t fathom making.  And loving in a way that is foreign to most!  Thus today, I will really reflect on WHO the man of God was.


As I participate in the Last Supper Mass/Service I will imagine myself as one of the 12 thirsting to hear more from Christ.  Thirsting to learn more from Him.  Thirsting to be with Him more and more.


Today I will not hold back my emotions.  I will allow myself the full impact of the love Christ showed for us, for me, as he suffers the most brutal death.   I will not ignore the scourging like Gospels do.   Have you ever noticed the Gospels do not go into great detail of the scourging.  Is it because it was so horrific that to put it into words would make it real in the writers mind, thus in the readers mind as well.  And maybe it was just too much to comprehend.  Thus today I will not ignore the blood, the massive amount of blood that was shed for me and my sins.


Rather than fearing the silence, or becoming uncomfortable I will embrace it.  I will reflect.  This silence will give me strength.  This silence is preparing me for singing and rejoicing!

I hope and pray you enjoy me sharing this. It may help us all to take a moment this week to reflect. And live in the moment of Holy Week.

Would love to hear what you did for holy week to prepare for the coming of the LORD!!! 🙂

Many blessings and prayers always,
~K 🙂

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