Hungry for Change

I am a strong, beautiful, amazing woman!
Physically, emotionally….spiritually!
NO I am not egotistical….I love myself because I KNOW I am made in the image and likeness of our amazing Lord.  And I know He doesn’t make junk!
This is such a hard thing for so many women, and even men, to realize…to wrap their minds around.  I wish deeply everyone could see their value.  Could feel their value.  Would TRUST that GOD doesn’t make mistakes!
Now I am not perfect…trust me….I have my moments of hormones, of gunk, of “girlie-ness”.   I have grown so much in love with my Lord, that now when those moments happen I am able to reset, very quickly my mind, actually within the minutes of the thought, versus days or weeks.  I am able to reset my thoughts to their proper order:  I am a temple of our Lord!

Do you need a reset?  Do you hunger for change?
I watched a really great documentary on Netflix recently: “Hungry for Change”....
I have watched my fair share of nutritional documentaries always wanting to learn, grow, and spread good knowledge about how our health (mental and physical) are connected, related to our faith (our spiritual).
Many documentaries can start out really great but then they go into a direction that I usually don’t agree with, or I think they have taken something too far, etc.
What I valued the most was how it was finally a nutritional video that not only talked about the science of why eating whole food is so important for us but it also talked about the mental health….even the spiritual health!
One of young ladies talks about accepting yourself unconditionally RIGHT NOW!!!
I love it!
I have spoken those words to so many, over so many years!
One of the most important things for a person to understand….is in order for change to truly happen a person must believe it from within.   And a person must must must love themselves and accept who they are right now!   I am not saying they have to accept being unhealthy, making poor choices, or dont need to make changes.  What I am saying is they MUST see the beautiful child of God they are RIGHT NOW!
Thus….as you HUNGER FOR CHANGE…..
Hunger GOD even more!
Have anything to share?  Please feel free to leave comments, thoughts, share!  We are all here to grow and learn together….life is a continual opportunity to grow together, learn from each other, and walk in LOVE!
Have a glorious and beautiful day!
My prayers for all, always!

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