Super Sunday!

What a glorious morning!

I’m sitting drinking my coffee thinking about the day and all it has in store for me and I thought wow…life is great!

I have a wonderful family and I feel really great!  I feel strong….healthy…balanced….in all aspects of my life: mind, body, and soul!

No it’s not perfect….and I AM a woman so my mind does get mucky from time to time but I am able to see those moments clearer.

I was reflecting on my crazy adventure of this simplifying September challenge and it got me to thinking about health and nutrition and supplements and the time, place, season for all that…

I have a wonderful friend who introduced me a little over a year ago to some great supplements/vitamins that do so many things.

I know some people think of supplements and they think: yuck pill popping.  And some may assume that supplements are only for weight loss….

But I was thinking about this and thought….how many people buy an array of vitamins to meet their nutritional needs through all the individual vitamins….especially if they are not eating as well as they should and know they need to supplement for their poor choices.

Or….what if a person is just having a really hectic week and could use the quick protein shake or healthier kind of energy bars versus a candy bar….

What if a person is trying to build strong muscles and is having a difficult time getting enough calories in so a protein shake can help them reach that goal.

What if your just needing a bit of a boost and the B vitamins blended are a great way for natural energy.

What if your insulin levels are out of whack and you could use something to help regulate them.

What if your immune system could use a good jolt of all beneficial berries for your body and brain….and not have to eat bushels and bushels of them :)….

Thus “supplementing” has it’s time and place for ALL aspects and walks and seasons of life.  

My thoughts are is if it helps a person lead a healthier lifestyle, then who are we to say “oh we shouldn’t be taking this or that….”

I always say we are to do everything in glory for God….and He lent us this body to do His work.  And we must take care of it….and we need to take care of it not abuse it.

An interesting thought along these lines is everything/anything in life can be abused or become addictive….so only the individual knows if they are doing something for the glory of God or for the glory of themselves.

And only each one of us can determine if something we do (tv, food, drink, supplements, shopping…etc.) is becoming addictive or being abused by us.  Therefore, we sometimes need to evaluate why we may be leaning more on something else or “craving” something else rather than God!

So back to my original thought that has me pondering here this morning….;)….

It really comes down to when we make our choices….to supplement or not to supplement….are we making sure we are doing it for the right reasons….are we doing it to be healthy and respectful of this body that God has trusted us with?  Or are we using it as a tool to abuse our bodies and get what we want out of it?

For me….cycling my supplementing helps me keep my mind and body strong….to keep making the good healthy choices with my Paleo lifestyle… doesn’t take away from me….rather it adds for me a way to keep my eye on the goal in life…..which is to live it in honor and glory to my beautiful most wonderful LORD!!!

blessings and hugs…always…
~K 🙂

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