What do you desire to give up, to sacrifice, for your love of Jesus?

What are you going to add to your 40 days to enhance your spiritual journey?

What about adding the rosary to your daily life?

I know…you don’t have time.  It’s too long. You don’t know how to pray the rosary.  We all make great excuses why we can’t.  We think it has to be an all or nothing prayer.  But here is a thought…

There are 20 decades: 5 Joyful, 5 Sorrowful, 5 Luminous, 5 Glorious.

There are 40 days in lent.

The first 20 days of lent pray one decade a day reflecting on what the decade means to you and your life.

The second half of lent, the next 20 days, do it again.  This time when you pray a decade each day find the biblical reference to that decade.

Discover the awesome connection of the bible to the rosary…to Mary our mother!

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