LONGEVITY: Loving Life for my Lord!

A couple of days ago I read and finished a book on my ten plus hour flight back from Italy.  The Longevity Diet.  This lifestyle is also referred to as CR (calorie restriction).  Ironically they actually reference the Paleo diet or lifestyle as a a way to give yourself a start up point.

I had read a little bit about Longevity/CR a couple of years ago when I did my Daniel Fast but had never had the chance to really read more into it.  I love how God gives us opportunities to just know a little bit of stuff sometimes before we pursue something and other times He wants us to know as much as we possibly can before we pursue.

My point in all this….it goes back to what I wrote about before:  discipline!

Over the last three years I have learned even more about how food effects us physically, emotionally, spiritually!  I have  known much of this but had never really felt compelled to put it into true practice.  I also was not at a great  spiritual place to truly “hear” what God had to share with me.

How does discipline have anything to do with food and diet?

I believe very much that we are what eat.  We ARE a temple.  God has entrusted us to take care of ourselves not just spiritually but physically.  We must also be balanced and not be obsessed: with our spiritual life and our physical life.

This book was amazing for me because it reconfirmed for me that making sacrifices and periodic fasting for the right reasons (for health and/or spiritual) is good.  And that we all enter into this journey at different times and different ways.

Through the discipline of what we eat and respect our bodies is a way for us to create discipline and greater respect in all aspects in life: faith, family, work, etc.

We as women struggle with this probably the most because there is so much tied to food and our emotions and they can literally “feed” off of each other.  Thus, we need to truly support and encourage each other to find that love and respect for ourselves and the desire for the discipline in a healthy way.

This got me to thinking about how as my sweet little girl enters the tween years I want to continue to foster a healthy self image.  I don’t want her to struggle the way I have seen so many women and young girls and even myself.

I truly believe the best way I can do that for her is to teach her great eating habits, a strong spiritual life, and showing encouragement to others.

Which brought me to the whole realization, through some serious prayer and reflection, I am committed to helping women and girls of all ages.

2013 is going to be for me about staying connected with my daughter.  It is going to be about continuing this journey of discipline and respect for ALL that God entrusts me with (physical, mental, spiritual)…and to be LOVE to those I encounter in my daily journey (friends, family, and strangers!)….

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to continue to live life to its fullest through discipline, obedience, and the Love for Longevity!!! 🙂

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