When the holidays come many of us throw in the towel with how we eat.  We tell ourselves Thanksgiving only comes once a year, therefore I have to have the turkey and the mash potatoes AND the stuffing AND the roll AND the pie!

    Days later we have “buyers” remorse   After a few more days of self flogging we start thinking of Christmas.  There are a vast amount of goodies and parties to enjoy.  We must bake.  We must party!  We must eat all the goodies and try all the the different appetizers at the party.  After all it would be rude as a guest to not try everything on the table.  And Christmas fruit cake only comes around once a year.  And we will NEVER taste it again!

    Why do we strive to live our faith, to be 100% Catholic, 100% Christian, in our prayer life but not with our health…our diet.

    Are we not what we eat?

    A person can get caught up with health…diet…body image for the wrong reasons.  Yet the same can be said that a person can be prayerful and do ministry for the wrong reasons.

    The question is are we not all temples of God?  Didn’t He lend us this physical body to go out to do His work?  Do we respect it?  Do we treat it well?  Do we feed it properly?

    Food and exercise shouldn’t be about “what can I get away with” before it’s too much.  It should be about “How can I respect what God has given me!”

    Can I not only practice, but put into action the discipline of self-control, of denial, of sacrifice.

    Can I sit down at Christmas dinner and enjoy the fellowship of the family and friends around me without over indulging physically?

    Can I remember during the Advent Season it should be about preparation for the coming of Christ not how many parties I can attend?

    Can I align my life with realizing all I do should be for the glory of God with HIM in mind!?

    I, we, need to be 100% Catholic, 100% Christian, in all actions:  prayer, diet, exercise, life…mentally, physically, spiritually.

   Let us not be sloppy about our faith.  And let us not be sloppy about our health.  Honor God by doing and being ALL He needs us to be!

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