I think we all kind of cringe when we hear someone say ‘that’ word.

We view it as something we have to give up, something we have to work for, something we have to DO!

Yet think of all the wonderful graces we will receive when we practice and put into action this beautiful discipline (pun absolutely intended!).

And right now is the perfect time.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Christmas around the next, and New Years follows.

The temptation to spend too much, to eat too much, to drink too much is tantalizing.  After all EVERYONE else is doing it!

BUT, what if we viewed it this way instead:

When I practice discipline in my spending I am showing God I am trust worthy of the gifts He bestows upon me.  Thus giving Him the chance to want to trust me with more.

When I practice discipline in what I eat, I am respecting the body, the ‘temple’ He has lent me to go forth and do the works He asks of me.

When I practice discipline in self-control in all other areas whether it is drinking, television, internet, etc…I am ensuring Him that I can be obedient to His word.  I can be trusted to know there is a time and a place.  I can be trusted to create balance in my life.

We have nine days before Thanksgiving.  What a perfect time, a perfect way to start practicing our discipline, our self-control before the holidays.  Pray a novena God will give you the courage, the strength to truly live the life He intended for you, for us!

Maybe this year as Thanksgiving rolls around you can resist that extra helping of pie?
Maybe this year the frenzy of shopping on black Friday won’t be so tempting/
Maybe this year a board game will be more exciting than the TV?

And maybe this year as the holidays roll through you will feel the strength and the power of the Holy Spirit working in you as you continue on this beautiful journey of Discipline and Self-Control!

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