Do you feel sucker-punched?

Having been apart of a group of amazing prayer warriors over the last 11 months, I have pondered over the last 24 hours on how they may feel?  On how  many of us may feel about the results of this election.

There is an obvious elation on those who are President Obama fans.  But what about those of us who are very concerned about the outcomes of a large amount of Religious topics?

Do you feel abandoned?  Do you feel God didn’t hear your prayer? Your cry? Or do you feel God didn’t listen?

This is my thought:  God did hear!  He also knows what we need.  We MUST trust that truth.

What if this outcome is to test us in continuing to fight and not give up about the topics and issues we hold dear?

What if this is an opportunity for us as Christians, as Catholics, to dig deep within ourselves and determine if we are going to “fight or flight”?

What if we kick up our prayer to an intensity that lets God know we ARE NOT walking away from Him?

And we WILL stay on our knees praying!

I like to see this not so much as a defeat but more as a challenge.  A challenge to continue to build up my armor for Christ.  A challenge to continue to spread the most excellent news of our Lord.  A challenge to stay in the fight for our freedom to faith…no matter the cost!


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