So as I entered into transitions….changes…revelations…etc…over the last month, I realized a few things:
1.  God doesn’t always let you off the hook as easily as you would like.
2.  Faith growth isn’t suppose to be easy.
3.  And…I’m being called to write…to share in my faith walk…
Therefore, even if what I post here is an absolute duplicate or a partial repeat of what I post on Examiner, that I’m suppose to share.  After all those of you who read this may not read at Examiner, and so forth.  
So what does this mean for me…I am going to write!  I will be true to my faith, to my beliefs, to what my sharing!  And you can read it here or there or anywhere else you may see my name ;)…but I will write!
I may not like some of the advertisement or gunk we see on the internet; stuff that pops up in the middle of my Examiner articles, or things that scroll on the side as we check mail, but I also can’t ignore the fact that I can be a light…a word or encouragement…in the middle of all that gunk!
And I also can write as I would write here on my blog!  I can be real…and if other entities don’t like it well they don’t have to publish what I write for them!  But I won’t stop writing.  Writing is in my blood.  I think mostly cause I want to share!  I want to be able to express to each of you just how much I grow and learn each day.  I want to share my Faith. Maybe through my writing and sharing I can help others just as others have helped me!
Below is my most recent posting on  OR you can go there through the link:
Either way I pray you enjoy what you read…and I pray you have an excellent day!
Pope Benedict XVI has designated from October 11, 2012 through November 24, 2013, as the Year of Faith.
I find this absolutely fitting in the light of all going on at this very moment with our faith, with our lives, as Christians.
We are in the middle of a heated election. This election appears to hold a weight of determining Christian liberties and rights.
We are in the middle of bringing awareness to life issues as the yearly campaign, 40 Days for Life is “marching on”.
We are in the middle of a month that screams for attention: Breast Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Our Lady’s month, and who can’t forget Halloween (All Hallows-Eve).
Thus, in the middle of all going on, shouldn’t we as Catholics, as Christians, really take a moment to really try and understand our faith on a deeper, a greater level?
Shouldn’t we stop to reflect on why we pray the prayers we pray?
Shouldn’t we stop to study what Jesus intended with His apostles, His disciples?
Shouldn’t we stop to strengthen our armor of knowledge for Him?
After all isn’t that what we are called to do?

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