Do you ever wonder when you’ve done something why it is you can come up with all sorts of explanations on why you did something but the hard thing is to just say…I was wrong…I’m sorry…or I wasn’t thinking…I’m sorry!

There have been many times in my life that I have just not thought something through.  As I’ve gotten older I like to think I am wiser thus I do tend to think things through more.  Yet, there are those moments that I find myself not think something through or I realize I made a mistake.  The mistake may not have been intentional, non-the-less still not a very sound choice.

Recently I “liked” a few things on Facebook that I didn’t fully pay attention…I glanced over the information and found what I initially saw as funny but didn’t think it through.  I didn’t take into consideration  I was viewing it through my phone which I vary rarely do.  I didn’t take into consideration I had just taken my pain medicine for having just had surgery thus not going to have sound judgement; and didn’t take into consideration….well many details.

There in-lies the problem.  I didn’t think…and instead of taking ownership to my not thinking I find myself wanting to make excuses for my poor judgment.

Some of you may be saying, why is she being so hard on herself?  It’s not a big deal…we all make mistakes.  Now, yes, that is true.  Yet,  I think we tend to also minimal-ize our actions at times too. There is the tricky slope of balance.  Knowing when to acknowledged a wrong, and then be willing to move on and not dwell.

I like to think of it as how will my actions impact others.  Did I do something that could possible affect how another person may see me.  And does it change how my integrity is viewed?  Will it affect how I may be taken in the future with others?  Will I have lost someones respect?  Or will I give a terrible picture of myself to someone who doesn’t really know me and may not be sure they want to get to know me now?

Sometimes in life we get one chance to make a difference…to make an impact with another.  Thus, we must take that to heart and not take it lightly!

Life is meant to be enjoyed. But we must also live it with great pride…the integrity kind of pride.  Then there is the kind of pride that we must be willing to swallow when we know we have done wrong and be willing to just say:

I am sorry.  I was wrong. No if’s, and’s, or but’s…just…please forgive me for my offenses!

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