I woke up this morning wondering what was possibly in store for me THIS day!  It is the first Friday of Lent…Josephine is on day 7 of the FLU…and I feel behind on everything and anything.  Then, as I’m working out I find myself feeling drawn to watch TBN.

The message:  What would you do if you had only 30 days to live?

The speaker, Kerry Shook, was profound and amazing in his message.  He reminds us to live our life intentionally.

Am I living my life intentionally?  Are you living your life intentionally?

He draws on Psalm 9:12…check it out :)…

Then he mentions how we were created by God to love completely…John 13:1.   It doesn’t matter what we make, where we live, how we dress, but we are to LOVE with intention.  We are to love without fear.  When we suffer pain and have problems we lean on God.  This is what we were intended for: to lean on God.  If we had no worries, no pain, no struggles…then what would we need God for?

My challenge I give you…I give myself…

There are still over 30 days left during this Lenten season.  What would you do if you had only 30 days to live?  What changes would you make to ensure you are living out Christ’s message?  What changes would you make to ensure your relationship with God and your family are well tended to?

What would I do?

I need another cup of coffee for that one!!!

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