The Soul of our Nation

During Advent I found myself feeling compelled to commit to a fast at the beginning of the new year.  As I prayed and reflected upon it I realized what was being pressed upon my heart: the up coming election.   Yet, I found myself feeling selfish in not wanting to make the sacrifice especially right after Christmas or even on the New Year day itself…then I realized I would continue to pray and reflect.

Epiphany: the resounding answer.  What a better way than to truly have given the Christmas season it’s respect and celebration yet then began the new year with a commitment to God.  Thus, to start a fast and prayer on the day after Epiphany.

I started a 30 day prayer and fast the day after Epiphany for the soul of our nation and election year.  I decided I would take my prayers and reflections from a wonderful little 30 day devotional I found late last year:  THE SOUL OF A NATION by James Robison.  This amazing prayer book really hits on all the major issues we all hold near and dear to our hearts as Christians.  My fast was to be from meat and alcohol.

Now a persons personal fast and sacrifice should be just that: private; to share with others when the occasion is appropriate but not to be bragged upon or focused on.  I take this very serious.  But, as my fast and devotions have unfolded each day I find my heart being pressed upon that the only way to fight a war is to have an army.

Well aren’t we at war?  Isn’t this a war for the soul of our nation?  A nation that is falling farther and farther away from it’s foundation as each day unfolds?  And the only way to fight for it is to have as many of us fighting this fight together?

Let’s “fight” together!  This is what has pressed dearly on my heart this last week; that I needed to share this with all of you so we could all join united in prayer.  I am on day 15 of my fast, thus the midpoint.  Join me either through a devotional prayer each day for the next 15 days.  And if you really want to stretch your faith muscles join me in my fast.  It doesn’t have to be meat and/or alcohol.  It can be even your morning coffee or the sugar you put in that coffee?!

But join me!  Let’s fight for the soul of our country.  This amazing country has so much to offer and has offered us so much.

 A simple prayer idea can be:

Every morning a Lords Prayer for wise moral leadership 
and a Hail Mary for our leaders to remember His will.

I have found during this 15 days another pressing on my heart that the fight will need to continue even after the 30 days.  That I needed to continue to do something to really bend God’s ear.  I realized our faith instilled  many years ago a wonderful way for us to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice by fasting/abstaining on Friday’s.  Many of us have forgotten this.  And many us only abstain on Friday’s during lent.  I realized I really wanted to give back that respect in a greater way this year.

As a family we have been abstaining from meat on Friday’s throughout the year for a few years now, but as reflecting on different writings of St. Francis I realized I really needed to fast/abstain with only juices/broths and one meal on Fridays: for the soul of our Nation and for eyes to be opened to the respect and dignity of life.

The greater our Nation respects the dignity of Life then the greater chance is for the moral compass of our nation will become re-balanced.

  Maybe this might be more doable for you, once a week, rather than many days in a row.  What ever you choose please do choose to make some sort of commitment and stand with me for the SOUL OF OUR NATION…for the soul of humanity…for the soul of life and love!

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