Random acts of kindness for Advent

An amazing friend of mine has been sharing some of the blogs she has come across for helping our children remember why we celebrate during Christmas.

It is so easy for us to forget to teach our children that Christmas is about more than just the presents.  It is about more than the tree.  It is about more than what we want.

Each year I try to make sure we do something extra to teach our daughter about the season of giving.  And each year I challenge myself to add more to that teaching.  Last year we started to develop this thought of just random acts of kindness.  We did really little things like taking cookies to Daddy’s office, spending an extra hour at adoration during the week, etc.   But I had no idea that there was this whole big “world” of people who thought like we were….and that they were taking it to a level that is exciting and empowering.

I have found some of the sites full of great ideas.  Things I hadn’t even thought of!

It is easy to get caught up with thinking, “I cant afford to do that!”  Or I already do “this and that, for this organization or this tree…”  BUT….does it really cost you much more to buy that check out person a pack of gum?  Do you have extra ornaments you really don’t need and can just slip them on peoples car antennas?

It is truly about the giving and the action, not the dollar sign!

I hope to hear from all of you what acts you embark on this season….just as I look forward to sharing with you all we participate in!

Have a glorious first week of Advent.

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