My doctor says I could have IBS….really!?!   He proceeds to tell me all the things I should avoid, how I should destress: don’t watch the news, limit time with complainers, exercise, quiet reflective time, don’t eat this or that, don’t drink this or that.  UGH!!!

Again I say:  REALLY!?!

What I want to know is how can I not want to be informed in what is going on in the world?  How can I possibly be of help and service to those around me if I don’t let them vent?  I realize he is asking me to create balance hence the exercise and meditative aspect.  Now the exercise part is easy.  I realize I have fallen short on my quiet reflective time.  This use to be very structured and ritualistic.  I have somehow allowed it to be put on the back burner.

Reflective time doesn’t mean plugging into the TV or other social medias to “unplug”.  That is really not unplugging that is avoiding.  True unplugging is giving yourself the opportunity for 20-30 minutes to breath, reflect, pray, and be.  Be prayerful.  Be with God.  Be in His presence.  Be open to hearing His voice.

On the list of foods and drink that I’m suppose to avoid, I already do many of them.  Then I came to coffee and alcohol.  And once again I say: REALLY!?!

I live for my coffee!!!  I breath my coffee!!!

And what is Italian food without a glass of wine?  Isn’t it nice to wind your day down with a relaxing drink of some sort?

Here I realize that just because I “sacrifice” many other foods of desire doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be open to more sacrificing.  That the only true desire I should have is to be filled with Jesus…with God…with the Holy Spirit.

Thus, is my sacrifice truly a sacrifice or more of a celebration of life.  A celebration of what God does for me in my life.  A celebration of knowing He will take care of me.  A celebration of relinquishing control and giving fulling unto Him.

I find it interesting that this all ties in quite nicely from my previous post.  It could be easy for a person to want to throw in the towel and say I surrender or want to hide from the world.  God doesn’t put us here to just hide.  He wants us and needs us to get out in the market place to spread His word to do His work.

I see this, I know this, I just need to be reminded from time to time.  I need to breath and remember for thing there is a season.  He has truly given me a season of blossoming in the market place and I just need to take it one day at a time.  To take caution, to reflect, to remember first my vocation and my calling….but to be okay and realize that the calling aspect can and will change as He sees the need.

So if it is IBS then bring it on!  I’m up for the challenge cause I’m not the driver in this car…I’m just the tool trying so very hard to be all HE needs me to be….sharp, precise, and efficient!!!!

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