I Want to Sing Sing Sing….

…I want to Shout Shout Shout…and praise the Lord!!!…

My sweet child has this tune stuck in my head.  I have been singing it all day long.  I find it fitting and freeing.

I wasn’t able to post on Examiner.com all week long just due to unexpected access to my computer.  Yet, really if I would have had my computer I’m not sure if I would have been able to since there was so much going on anyways.

I thought I would be more anxious at not having been able to post my average articles of 2-3 a week, but I wasn’t.  Instead I found it giving me the much needed time to reflect on my writing as well as sit down and do some old fashion pencil to paper kind of writing!  It was very freeing and fulfilling.

The time away from the computer has given me the opportunity to reflect on some of the articles I have written.  Such as the one written about keeping balance in our life.

or the first one I wrote about prayer.

It has been a great week of reflection.  I am ready for my day of Sabbath tomorrow to not only feel renewed but to truly Rest with the Lord.

I pray you each have a blessed Sunday….a continued celebration of the Resurrection!!!

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