To Love, even when we dont want to….

I was in great disbelief when my husband text me yesterday with the Casey Anthony verdict. I just didn’t understand how this could be possible.

I felt so many emotions, human emotions. It was only my faith of knowing God takes care of us all, and that He loves us all, that truly helped me not give into some very real emotions.
I am sure many of you can relate.
So many of us want answers….but we have all learned in life that sometimes we aren’t going to have answers. And we have to learn to be at peace with no answers. We have to learn to have faith. We have to not allow the unanswerable to consume us.
My prayer this day:
Lord help us to not fall into the pit of judgment, hate, anger, or ugliness.
Lord help us as Christians to truly turn to you in times like this, in all times, to truly TRUST IN YOU!!!

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