A friend of mine lent me this book after having had a profound conversation about fasting. I felt it was perfect because I had been wanting to learn more about how to “keep holy the Sabbath”. My mind frame was set into one direction when I started reading this book . I figured it was going to talk about the “letter of the law” of Sabbath. Instead, it opened up a whole different world for me. I discovered it is beyond important to keep holy the Sabbath but not in the way I initially thought.

This book confirmed to me how important it is to keep Sabbath yet, more importantly to keep the spirit of Sabbath holy. Keeping true Sabbath is not being legalistic about it but to embrace the spirit, the wholeness, the communion with God. I discovered there were many things I did in my everyday life that I viewed as me just being wacky were actually very Sabbath like. I felt very encouraged, yet knew I had a long way to still go in order to truly honor God and His day of rest.

We live in a time when everyone thinks we must have every minute of our day scheduled out. We get sucked into believing if we are not constantly going and scheduling something we are not being productive. It is almost looked upon as lazy if you’re not running from one scheduled event after another and multi tasking several things. Yet I wonder how productive are we really being when we are multi tasking. Are we truly giving these tasks our best work? Do we enjoy rushing from one scheduled event after another?

How many times do we find ourselves just staring at the computer because we are overwhelmed by work that we don’t know where to begin. Or we have lost time because of our dawdling.

What happened to just being open to what God might have in store for us in that day?

I discovered through this book it is not only good to have a day of rest but it is imperative for our entire being. It is important for our health, our soul and our relationship with God. He needs us to rest with Him so we can strengthen ourselves for the next task He gives us. He needs us to unplug so when we do plug back into the world we can give it our best work for His glory. He needs us to be still thus allowing us to breath in His beauty and have clarity on what He may throw at us unexpectedly.

This book will teach a person how to truly rest with God and feel no guilt. After all it is what He asks of us!

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