THE PRINCESS AND THE KISS By Jennie Bishop “A Story of God’s gift of Purity”

This beautiful children’s story book teaches young girls how precious their “first Kiss” is. The princess discovers her parents had kept safe her first kiss until she was old enough to start making decisions on her own. She was now responsible to decide who she would want to have her first kiss. She interviews many princes but none seem worthy. She begins to worry she will never get to share her kiss. Her mom reassures her that even if she never marries the gift will still be hers to cherish.

This story gives a young girl a great way to start understanding the preciousness and beauty of her purity. Another exciting aspect to this book is the companion book you can use along with the story book. It will help a parent to develop great conversation and direction for their young lady in the making.

I truly believe this is a must have for all girls being raised in today’s confusing time of “do what makes you feel good” world. Especially since this attitude is directed so much toward our morality and sexuality.

A side note: There is also a purity story for boys titled: THE SQUIRE AND THE SCROLL.

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