I love to read and learn things from books. I love to watch a really good movie and glean something profound from it. And I love to be inspired by music that moves me to dream big.
Books, though, are my first true passion. I love sharing books that have inspired me in such a way that I want to go out and buy the book for everyone. Recently I have been reading some great books that have left me with one common denominator: “so and so really needs to read this book; they would love it!”
As I realize I have very few spare minutes, I ponder and know my friends and family also have few spare minutes and their friends, and so on! Thus I have been inspired to share my thoughts on books, movies, music, etc through this blog.
I want to share with you not only a summary of the books I read but also a kind of “narrative” in a way. How I took it. What I learned from it. And even breaking down chapters from time to time. In essence a sort of “cliff notes” version. Therefore if you just don’t have the time right now to read the book you can at-least get the gist of it and get something out of it (I hope!). Or it might just compel you to go pick up the book right now and start reading it. Either way….I want to share my thoughts with you.
I will also post links to reviews of movies or books that were very helpful to me. Reviews and thoughts that are already out there but nice to just have everything in one spot.
My great hope is we can all learn from each other and share with each other. Happy reading!!!

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