I love being a housewife!

It is so sad that in the temperature of today’s world that young ladies are not being….actually haven’t been nurtured for quite some time to value the role of being a housewife.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

It hasn’t mattered over the course of all my years of pursuing education, jobs, side gigs, blogging, public speaking, coaching….you name it…..my first and foremost absolute love of life is being a housewife.

I have heard so many reasons from many women over the years for how they can’t “afford” to stay home. I have also heard how absolutely bored they would be.

Being a housewife is absolutely NOT boring.

As I have been reinvesting my time and energy into this first love of mine over the last year; after I walked away from a blossoming coaching business and partnership with a holistic doctor; I have been able to realize just how much I truly missed spending more than just 15 minutes cleaning and scrubbing the bathrooms. I missed planning out meals for the week which for me is an expression of how much I love being with my family when we eat and feast.

It has had me realize how much I DO NOT miss social media. And the freedom I have even given myself to hop on here when the spirit prompts me rather than feeling like “I have to” post something every week.

I have truly treasured the time I get to sit and read with my family in the evenings after dinner rather than turning on the tv. Reading books that are nurturing my mind, and my faith, and fine-tuning my critical thinking skills.

As we get closer to the holidays I find myself wanting to pull even more away from the computer and technology and to be present even more with my family and friends. To be ever more present with the church in different ministries. I find myself wanting to be face-to-face with people more and more. And become invisible here in the cyber world, the tech world.

I honestly am not sure where this blog fits into the picture. I have reflected and prayed on that one. I have been here writing for all of you, for me, for about 10 years now…

I have so many ideas that constantly get put into journals, notebooks, and scraps of paper. I think of ways I want to share here. Books to share reviews with you about. And so much more!

But you know what… I am not worried and I am not going to rush it. I am going to listen to the promptings of the HOLY SPIRIT because he is so wise and he always leads me to the Father and has me walk even closer to JESUS which in the end is all that really matters to me.

So on this amazing Monday, I am going to enjoy knowing that I have the budget ready for my dear hubby to go over with me tonight, I have planned and prepared what is for dinner….and I am absolutely giddy at the thought of dancing with my mop in about an hour!

No matter how God calls you….celebrate it…..don’t dismiss it….enjoy every moment of your calling!

Many blessings and hugs always,


Live, Love, Learn!

Life has just been so full and fun that I haven’t had the chance to sit down at the computer to write much! Last week was the first time in a while!

I have written quite a bit in journals, notepads, and on scraps of paper…..but not on the computer…lol!

But I have also been READING ALOT…..and watching, listening, and learning sooo much.

Therefore I figured it was finally time for me to touch back in and say hello and let you know what I have been up to…..


Did you get to check out last week’s blog post JOURNALING: SELF-CARE, SELF-LOVE & CONNECTING WITH GOD was sooo much fun to write!  Plus it allowed me to shout out about a dear friend who is truly a digital artist/savant!  I would not know even half of what I know about techie education/info if it wasn’t for her!  My first CANVA images or creations were akin to a stick figure drawing.  But now I am able to create things that I am super proud of to display at my church for our library peg boards and so much more!

Okay now here are the top 3 things I have been watching/reading/learning that I absolutely had to share with you:


Matt Walsh – documentary “What is a woman?”

Why do I find this such an important documentary to watch?  Because it addresses 2 fundamental things as a human being in my opinion: 1….how God created us, man and woman.  And 2….it gives us as a human being the opportunity to practice true critical thinking skills….or to hear others not using critical thinking skills!


Next, I have been reading and listening to 1984!

There are some YouTubes on it…..but THIS AUDIO DRAMA has been super fun to listen to!

I have GOT to share with you….that I read this book eons ago so really didn’t remember the details….I understood and remembered the overview of it…..and KNEW as people have been referencing it the last 2 years that I was going to want to re-read it….but OMGoodness…..I totally forgot that here is a man – who wrote this book and it was published for the first time in 1945….. – He is talking about EVERYTHING that has been going on in the last 50 years really truly!  It is just super interesting the slow boil we are willing to endure for comfort.


But probably my absolute favorite read/learn/find these last few weeks have been: 


I came across this amazing woman through another podcast I listen to…CATHOLIC SPROUTS…..

I was so super excited to hear that a woman had created a CHARTING SYSTEM specifically geared for young girls to learn how to chart not only before they start their first period but during the first early years.  Truly teaching them to understand what their hormones are doing and how to appreciate the beauty of BEING A WOMAN!

I use to teach FERTILITY APPRECIATION which helps couples chart and monitor their cycles.  It helps the woman understand her hormones but the focus was on teaching couples how to live out the beauty of their sexuality and fertility.

So when I started to teach my daughter years ago I had to modify the language of the books….just like I had to when it came to teaching her TOB (Theology of the Body)…..because 10 and 15 years ago there wasn’t anything geared to 5-year-olds with TOB and 12/13-year-olds for charting…..

I am grateful that I had the knowledge and that I could do this for my daughter!  But how many mamas are just trying to figure it out for themselves!  Well, now it’s available!!

So those are my top tidbits for the week!

As always don’t hesitate to reach out.  I would love to hear what you are reading, watching, and learning as you grow in your whole health (mind, body, soul spirit) life!


Hugs, prayers, and blessings,



Journaling: Self-Care, Self-Love, Connect with God!

Do you have something that creates so much joy and excitement that you get a giddy, smile, and even giggle when you see this “something”!?

Me:  the most recent “something” was this amazing PDF Journal I purchased from a dear friend! (Check out her ETSY shop HERE!)

Oh my goodness…it made me dance, laugh, and smile soooo big!


The caricature on the cover and within it reminds me of ME!  She is cute, bubbly, and curvy!

As we all know here – if you have been reading my blog for very long – know that my willingness to truly compliment and love me for me has been a journey.  Dysmorphia is not a label I own, but I do continue to respect it and learn more and more ways on shutting up the lies that like to pop up from time to time.

This journal makes me excited because the way I started my 2022 journals –  with some very specific intentions in growing my whole health with exercise/movement, nutrition, mental health, and so much more – are now able to all be in ONE PLACE rather than 3 or 4 different journals….I am soo excited to start using it!

What do you have that helps you stay focused on loving yourself and connecting to how God sees you!?  

I would love to hear all about it!

Until then….may you have an absolutely lovely and blessed day and week!

Hugs, blessings, and prayers always,

Kelly 😉


I’ve been working on some books, movies, documentaries and so many more reviews…I can’t wait to share more with you about my thoughts!!!

Don’t forget to go check out  TAMMEY BROWN!  Sooo many cool options for journals and more!


The enemy truly comes to cheat, steal, and lie in all areas.  He plays dirty so we have to constantly be working on our communication and relationship with God.

I haven’t had a dysmorphic trigger in a very long time.  I am vigilant in doing my part with nutrition, sleep, movement, prayer….ALL THE THINGS!

Yet I recently had a horrific flash (mental episode) of me entering a church where everyone looked at me and said horrible things.  Things like “ewe she is so gross looking”….. “How can she even come here looking like that”…. “How does she even get up in the morning”….. “no wonder why no one wants to be around her.”…..


I recognized it right away but I didn’t understand where it was coming from.  But through prayer, meditation, and going for a walk with Jesus, Mary, and even St. Hildegard…I was able to realize where the trigger came from.

I had been sick.  This automatically makes my mind a bit weaker because I physically felt like poop.  I also realized during this prayer and reflection time that I was getting ready for a trip that will have me around a bunch of people that I hadn’t seen in literally over 2-3 years.  Some even longer.  

And the final trigger was that this sweet little old man whom I have had the privilege to make meals for weekly for almost 6 months has gotten sick himself.  He had to go to the hospital.  This had me realizing I had some grief with my dad bubbling up.  I. MISS. MY. DAD.  He knew how to make me always feel fantastic about myself no matter what.

I also realized I have kept my hubby at arm’s length with the dysmorphic part of my life.  You see, I had read an article years ago (in my early 20s) about how men don’t find women attractive if they aren’t super confident in themselves.  If they say anything negative about themselves or their body, it is a huge turn-off.  But dysmorphia is about more than just not feeling confident.  It is more than just a body image issue.  It is a mental disconnect.  And I allowed that article years ago to be used by the enemy to twist that lie in my head.  The lie was that if I talked to my hubby about dysmorphia that he would definitely find me hideous.  Therefore I carried this alone and only brought it up from time to time if necessary.

I finally felt the courage, because of this most recent trigger episode, to be absolutely vulnerable and share with my husband what the lie looks like inside of my head, and that yes I know it is a lie, but it doesn’t stop the imagery from coming on.  But what does stop it from continuing as a loop in the head is the prayer, the walks, the talking about.  

It was funny because he asked me if we should not do our travels.  And I smiled the most freeing smile.  I explained to him that not going is giving in to the mental disconnect, giving in to the lie.   Letting the lie win.  I told him how I in the past would have done that for sure. 

But me standing here today and for the last few years now is able to truly walk face on into that lie to make it reveal itself for what it is: A. BIG. FAT. UGLY. LIE!

I think how I have been able to truly walk with this freedom: is because of my relationship with God.  I have grown sooo in love with HIM…..especially this last year…..that I am able to see how HE sees me….and HE is soooo beautiful…..ah that means: I AM SO BEAUTIFUL.

God is so good!

How do you see yourself?  

How do you see God?

How do you think God sees you?

Do you see what He sees: pure beauty?!  I hope so!!

‘Til next post…

Many blessings and hugs always!

Kelly 😉

Lent is almost over & Spring is here!

I know it is Lent but SPRING is also in the air!  OOO how I feel the amazing anticipation of Easter being around the corner.

And even though Holy Week (which can be super intense) is just a short few more days away…..

Today I am going to keep things on the lighter side of our whole health journey of life…Today is also going to be fun…no deep dive emotional stuff…lol!

I have been loving the warmer and warmer days!  I especially love it when it is muggy and humid.  I know I am weird…lol.

I just completed my first phase of gardening with intentionality that I will share on a separate post all on its own with pictures and all at a later date.

But as our days warm up it had me looking back at some of my old videos for some refreshing smoothies that are full of nutrition.  I don’t know about you but when I am super hot I don’t always feel like eating….but as I age I am aware that my hormones and body need extra support.

Here are 3 fun and refreshing recipes to cool you down for the summer :)…

I KNOW I have MANY more on my YOUTUBE channel!  If you find one I haven’t listed above that you like even more…please share I would love to hear your thoughts!

If I don’t reach out before Easter….have an absolutely transforming HOLY WEEK and EASTER!  

Remember to truly celebrate and FEAST with intentionality on Easter.  Honor your body by eating and drinking with intentionality.  Not moralizing the food or drink yet also being mindful of what our body needs to thrive.  We are each uniquely different so what you may need may look different than what I need nutritionally.

Look to JESUS as a beautiful example of when it is time to fast and when it is time to celebrate.  He celebrated with food and drink yet with mindfulness.

Be present in the moment.  Savor each bite of delightful food.  Savor each conversation with family and friends.  And savor the amazing gift that God gave you through Christ and his sacrifice so YOU and I can take care of this vessel that is beautifully wonderfully made!

Have an amazingly blessed day and week.

Hugs and prayers always,


What are you doing to be “ready”?

For the last 2 weeks I have been digging (figuratively not literally yet…lol) into all my “intentional gardening for sustainability”….I am going to be “breaking ground” later this week and the weekend.

Favorite Gardening Resources right now:

This truly making plans and mapping things out is interesting for my whimsical brain….organizing is not new to me…yet it can be a struggle sometimes…lol.  I am truly a free spirit when it comes to crafting, art, writing, and yes gardening….but I am learning that with a plan I can weave my free-spiritedness!

In the middle of all this, I of course continue to pursue how to best care for this amazing vessel (body) God has entrusted me with.  The more I connect my health (mind, body, soul, spirit)….it is hard for me to not see the connectivity of almost everything.

For example, I have been truly passionate recently about not only my intentionality on gardening but fine-tuning my “preparedness” in case of natural disaster and/or otherwise crisis.

Now some people may think that a person enters into a “doomsday” mentality when you think of preparedness.  But I want to ask the question then why does anyone obtain life insurance? Car insurance? Health insurance?  House insurance?   We purchase these “insurances” not hoping we have to use them….nor going into a negative mentality.  Instead, we have them for that mindful preparedness.

I have found some really great resources that I absolutely love that have been helping me update my lists and therefore my go-bags and house plans.

Favorites this week:

And then there is the upcoming consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Talk about a soul health need! 

Here are some must-reads and watch to learn more about it:

Finally as far as news goes….I know it is important for me to stay up to date on current events but I hold loosely to it because it can overwhelm me and become information overload….it is also hard to always know “what is the truth”….which I can tell you the mainstream media doesn’t speak any truth in my heart and mind.  So I definitely go to the outside-of-the-box sources as well as if they are on mainstream does the particular reporter truly creating the critical thinking thought process in us.

So these were my favorite videos this week that kept me up-to-date as well as not feeling overwhelmed:

  • JP Awakens (I totally can not get enough of this guy!!)
  • Tucker Carlson (What I like about him is how he constantly directs us to critical thinking)

Are you planting a garden this month?  How is it going?

Are you a prepper?  Or is it all just new and scary to you?

How have you been growing in your faith walk?

Does the news these days just overwhelm you?

And how are you taking care of your vessel…your temple this month? This week?  This season of your life…

I would love to hear your thoughts…your take…

Better yet…how can we connect to grow together….learn together….pray together!

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Have a blessed and beautiful week!

Hugs, blessings, and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂

Spring Gardening is in the air!

I have been really digging into my gardening plans.  Even more so than before in the past.

I have been remembering my childhood of how we truly planted and harvested for sustainability.  It wasn’t a hobby.  It wasn’t about something fun to do on the side and try.  It was about true sustainability.  It was about harvesting stuff to then: can, freeze, create and survive off of the land.

I have been feeling drawn toward this ability to be self-sustainable last year in a very pressing way.  To dust off my skills and get them re-sharpened. 

Have you ever thought about what would you do if you couldn’t get your produce from your local grocery store? 

Your cleaning supplies from your favorite source? 

Or those quick shipments from amazon?

Over the course of the next few months, I will be sharing more with you here…my journey of rediscovering gardening as less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle!  

But not just gardening…

Lists of everyday household items to clean with if I can’t snag my usual favorites….

Making my own loose leaf tea blends if I can’t find them in the store…

Even the thought of makeup has been having me dig into some of my old favorite bloggers like Dr. Axe and Wellness Mama!  These 2 are THE powerhouses of DIY’s.

And as for gardening powerhouses….I haven’t found my favorite blogger yet….but when I do find the one that just makes it super easy to follow I will be sharing.  I think what is important for anyone, is finding the source that is specific to the area you live in.  I have found a book from a master gardener that has made it easy to follow her book and it’s about organic gardening…which is important to me.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  If there is anything you would like me to write about specifically please share with me.  I will be making sure and including resources and links.

Many blessings and hugs always,



Don’t forget to check out previous blog posts…about microwaves….the power of prayer…and the history of my blog…soo many more…

Is “nuking” my food “nuking” my health?

I have been pondering my use of microwaves recently.

Years ago when living in Amarillo I had discovered many of the health concerns that surrounded microwaves.  At that time the data was interesting.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It appalled me.

I went on a huge anti-microwave kick.  I put tape across my microwave that would not allow our family to use it.

Then one day months later my hubby broke down and used it.

Instead, I put a sign on it saying:

If you want your food to be nutritionally void and potentially cause free-radical cells to invade and harm your body then proceed to use this contraption.

Family and friends just viewed it as another one of crazy Kelly’s crunchy crazy health extremes.

I still very much believe it is horrible for us….but I had to realize I am exposed to “nuked” food every time I eat out.  Kitchen staff at a restaurant aren’t going to not use a microwave to accomplish some of their demanding work of getting the food out in a timely fashion for the patrons who are dining there.

In the last couple of years though I have become kind of lax about using it myself.

I had to reflect on why?

This could be a good example of who we hang out with is how we are influenced by our choices… because my hubby doesn’t see a problem with it…lol…

And I can sometimes think….well heck my hubby is perfectly fine and he uses it…he is the “picture of health”….

But the flaw in this comparison game is it doesn’t leave room for our uniqueness… our individuality of how we are wonderfully made.

So I decided to go back over the studies to remind myself why I may or may not want to use a microwave and not care if I am “going against the grain” with family and friends….because I need to honor my body and my health.

But I also don’t want to risk imposing my way on family and friends.

I have seen others who are passionate about not using a microwave and they are dogmatic about it.  Imposing their beliefs on others in a way that can appear bully-ish or leave another person feeling like they are not a smart individual if they use one. This doesn’t leave room for grace and mercy and for others to use their free will.  That doesn’t build conversation or community…all it does is create even more of a divide.

Because at the end of the day it truly doesn’t matter whether I use the microwave or don’t use the microwave.  What matters is: what is my relationship with God?  And how is He leading me on my health journey?  What is He whispering in my heart on how to best care for this physical body He has gifted me with?  

I think that is the best way to LOVE THE SKIN WE ARE IN…..and to be that INTENTIONAL DISCIPLE He calls each of us to be….

What are your thoughts?

Do you use a microwave?

Why or why not?

Many blessings and hugs and prayers,

Kelly 😉

How Frick Writes became Kelly Frick: Connect…

I was pondering on this little factoid a few weeks ago… about how much this blog has changed and how it started and where it is at today.

Don’t we all do that with everything, anything in our life?

When I started this blog 10 plus years ago the name Frick Writes was a play on words that requires way too many words and paragraphs to explain so I will save that for another day :).  But the biggie was that I was writing about other books….sharing about what I was reading. Yet it was also birthed because I needed an outlet to heal from my miscarriage.  Books and writing have always been my happy place.

Then about 2 or 3 years into it my writing started to shift and become so much more than just giving my thoughts on what I was currently reading.  It became about what life challenges had just thrown my way and how I was maneuvering them.  Or I would write about what was currently going on in the world and how it related to my faith walk.  And then it became about my entering into business and how I was supporting my health with natural remedies…..

It was about that time that I changed the name from Frick Writes to Kelly Frick: Connect.  It again was a play on words.

As I had entered into the holistic world of health not only for myself but for coaching others I wanted to convey how everything was connected to our health.  But a title like “Connect your Health: Mind Body Soul Spirit”…..well was long…lol….more of a tag line….and honestly at that time, not even a concept that was being thought of.  Like who would think that if a person is having liver issues (physical) that it could be related to their anger (emotional -mental and/or spiritual health)…..that was just waaay too woohoo for the average person…lol….

And really I saw the word CONNECT as meaning so much more….

  • Connect the drops (another play on words for essential oils)….
  • Connect your health…
  • Connect with your community…
  • Connect with other women…
  • Connect to your faith..
  • Connect with your body…
  • But most important…
  • CONNECT WITH GOD…through all these other connections…

But I didn’t know how to express all that then….I didn’t know how to explain it…

Over the course of the last couple of years, I have pondered once again if I should change the name…after all, some in the business world find KELLY FRICK: CONNECT too ambiguous and it doesn’t explain enough.  And I have even had some people get confused thinking that Connect is my last name….lol…

Yet I KNOW that this name is perfect….

Especially now as I have stepped out of the coaching and business world…and back into full-time ministry and writing…

How do I know it is perfect?

Because each year I am on this healing journey I am able to CONNECT another piece of the puzzle to a previous one…..

OR I am able to CONNECT with another amazing woman who needs to be CONNECTED with another person I know….

And that is just another one of my gifts and talents….I just know how to CONNECT things and people….I LOVE IT….I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE BEING A CONNECTOR and building community….

I say this with absolute humility….I can’t take credit for this gift…it is truly from God….cause the introvert in me would rather just sit, write, read, and pray…lol…

Now I know many of you are going to say….”But Kelly the top of the blog says: Kelly Frick ~ Connect with God to Love the Skin You are In!”……

I have thought about changing that too….to just go back to Kelly Frick: Connect…

But this is the thing….at the root of all this connecting…..my ultimate desire is to draw ALL of us (myself included) to CONNECT deeper with God.  THROUGH WHICHEVER MEANS….to get to a place where we are TRULY AT PEACE IN OUR OWN SKIN….When we are able to see that GOD CREATED US SO BEAUTIFULLY AND THAT WE ARE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF HIM!

Therefore that realization further cemented my conviction that this blogs website url of www.kellyfrickconnect.com is exactly as it is to be….because when you come here you are right away reminded we are to CONNECT WITH GOD TO LOVE THE SKIN WE ARE IN….aka, the tag line that I will forever teach and breath and write about through all areas.

So whether I write about microwaves, egg recipes, healing retreats, illness, laundry soap, or the latest books I have been reading…my intent is to always connect you to God through my own journey…..because honestly what I have been finding even more so on this amazing journey of past trauma healing, dysmorphia, hashimotos, miscarriages, and soooo much more is that the more we CONNECT with God…..the more we fall in love with HIM.  And in return, we fall in love with how beautifully wonderfully made we are.

I write and share here as much for myself as I do for you, the reader….it continually reminds me how far I have come….and how much more I have to go…..but also to enjoy the entire process….to be truly present in the moment and CONNECT!

How do you CONNECT?

What does CONNECT mean to you?

Many blessings and hugs always,

Kelly 🙂

The Power & Health of Prayer Requests

Today I want to share about our health in a different way!

The health of…




I have been thinking about this for some time now and even more so recently.

  1. Where could you use a little extra prayer and support in your life?
  2. What are you feeling challenged about most?  
  3. What is that one thing that just keeps eating at you and you just need some help with?

The following are examples but not limited:

  • Are you a mama trying to figure out how to get your kiddos to daycare?
  • Are you a non-profit needing to organize a fundraiser?
  • Are you a business owner looking for a graphics designer?
  • Or…..are you struggling with some serious health challenges and could use some help with cleaning and cooking?

Now let’s look at WHAT YOU CAN DO!? What gifts, talents do you have to share!?

  • Meaning have you found yourself with a little extra time on your hands and would love to help out in some sort of way?
  • Do you miss having kiddos in the house and would love to help a mama with kiddos from time to time?
  • Do you love cleaning the house?
  • Do you love cooking meals and always make more than you need?
  • Do you naturally have a knack for organization and fundraising?
  • Do you love everything technology?

Here is the thing….

EMAIL ME BACK with your biggest deepest prayer request and need?  

As well as your passion and gifts! What fires you up to do… especially for others!

At the VERY LEAST email me your prayer….your deepest want and struggle is going to go in my prayer book.  A prayer book that is prayed upon daily.  

My prayer with it is always, “Lord how can I best serve and support this person? What is YOUR WILL in their struggle, situation?  Please hear their cry, their desire, their need.”   

But here is the two-fold….by you responding to me with your wants, needs, and what you can do….. WHAT IF everyone on this list shares about their struggles with me, as well as what their gifts are…..I SEE A CONNECTION…..

  • I hear about a woman who missing cooking for a large family but everyone is out of the house….
  • and another woman is going through chemo and barely has the energy to cook for herself non-the-less her family…..

Wouldn’t that be an answer to each of these women’s prayers?  And wouldn’t that be creating community as God calls us to do?  

Now I want you to think about all the feel-good hormones that will rush through your body when you give of yourself in both ways (the willingness to be vulnerable and shed light on a struggle as well as the giving of self in service)……your BODY’S health will actually flourish as well!  

WE are talking about the WHOLE HEALTH package here!

So this week PLEASE email me back so I can add YOUR PERSONAL PRAYER REQUESTS to my PRAYER JOURNAL.  And let’s wait and see how God is going to work through all of us together!

And a quick note… I would never share your prayer request with another person (someone to connect you with) without your permission!

Have a glorious Monday and week!

Many blessings, prayers, and hugs always!


PS…updates have been taking place daily on the tabs….AND coming soon here on the blog are all sorts of preparedness thoughts our family has been putting into place….all with the desire to live out being the best version of ourselves as we tend to the beautiful temple of a body that God has entrusted us with!

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