What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of the most?

I have been witnessing FEAR for over a year now.

I will be honest it has been difficult for me to watch.

What we don’t understand is that when we allow the emotion of FEAR to consume us it WILL effect our PHYSICAL health.

Thus becoming the self-fulfilling prophecy we have feared all along.

Instead today I challenge you to read the reflection that Bishop Barron has on today’s Gospel with a different light!

JOHN 14:27–31A

“Friends, in today’s Gospel, Jesus gives us an antidote for fear. Who or what are you afraid of? That is a very important spiritual question. One way to understand our lives is to look at those things that we seek: wealth, power, privilege, honor, pleasure, friendship. But another way is to turn that question around and determine what or who it is that we fear.We might fear the loss of material things, the loss of a job, the loss of physical health, the loss of the esteem of others, the loss of personal intimacy, or ultimately, the loss of life itself. We are afraid of many things, but I’d be willing to bet that there is a primary or principal fear. What is it for you?Now, after identifying that, listen to Jesus: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.” Any and all of the things that we customarily fear—loss of money, fame, pleasure, and power—have to do with this world. What Jesus is saying is that we should not let those fears come to dominate or define our lives, for he is with us—and with him is his peace.”


It has been a while since I have hopped on and sent you an update….a tip….a video…I APPRECIATE YOUR PATIENCE!!!

These last 14-16 months have been a whirlwind of new….change…growing pains….and yet sooo much beauty.
Having partnered up with Christina Sessums of Purely Simple Organic Living, who is a Doctor of Naturopathy, has been amazing yet lots of learning curves in what all it entails to work with an ND. Which has pulled me away from many of the different consistent practices I had put into place for just the Oils Education part of my coaching practice. I have missed bringing you weekly videos/facebook lives, tips, blog posts and so much more.

BUT…..I have gained so much more knowledge, education, and tools to better serve and support each and every platform and client!

So what I wanted to share with you today is that weekly videos and/or Facebook lives will be coming back in May!!!

Some changes you are going to notice is that my coaching and education practice isn’t going to be centered on just Essential Oils.

I still find Essential Oils are an amazingly valuable tool and support to have for your whole health (mind, body, soul, spirit)…..but it is not the only tool.….which if you have ever attended any of my workshops in the past you knew that I didn’t just focus on Essential Oils…..it was the vehicle to help support the message of whole health!

Now I STILL feel the quality is VITAL and I DO STILL BELIEVE DOTERRA is the best….lol….so I WILL CONTINUE the Essential Oil Support, education,  private Facebook Group, and tribe… exclusively with me…..that is STILL available!!

But now I am turning my focus to my 1st passion: to TRANSFORM our psychology…..our mindset….around our health!

I have for years used TOB (Theology of the Body) and St. Hildegard (a woman WAY before her time….I would boldly say the 1st true holistic practitioner/coach)…..as the foundation of my coaching….and honestly my life.

But now I am bringing it more to the forefront.

I will be focusing on the power of our mind first….and understanding the true connection of our physical and emotional health.  Through this lens, we can then understand which tools will be supportive for our whole health!

So some of the tools might be tapping or oils…..but much of it will be truly understanding our mindset and how what we think grows, and what we say has power!

This last year I have had the humbling privilege to work with sooo many women overcome distorted relationships with their body, with food, with their health challenges…..TO TRULY LOVE THE SKIN THEY ARE IN!!!

These women have created lifestyle plans that truly meet their needs (nutritionally, physically, emotionally) with my support and guidance.

In the next couple of months, you will see things rolling out like a new website to Purely Simple Organic Living that will give you links to all the different ways to work with me. 

The monthly zoom group coaching will have themes where you can attend one class at a time or as a month or even longer…..these are all recorded so even if you can’t attend live you would be able to catch the replay…including past sessions! 

And finally, the platform that has the Whole Health Membership that Christina and I lovingly refer to as the Island….is being revamped with resources, videos, self-paced programs, forums, and more!  

I also embarked on an amazing way of having faith discussions with 2 of my dearest friends through a podcast: RISE ABOVE THE NOISE.  More about that soon ;)……

If there is anything I have learned this last year….especially with all the health and political unrest is that sometimes we JUST NEED LOVE AND CONTACT with other beautifully wonderfully made women….and men ;)…..which if HUGS are important to you join our HAPPY HUGGERS GROUP to at least receive a daily virtual hug and encouragement!

Many many blessings, hugs, and prayers always!

Kelly 😉

Saving Souls!

I was pondering the other day about all the issues and topics that have caused such “heat” and division over the last year……

And it goes for both sides…..even me who is extremely passionate about non-mask, non-vax…….

I can get caught up in empowering and education about the physical health concerns ( because let’s be honest as humans we are sometimes more willing to listen to how something is going to effect us physically versus spiritually)……

That even those of us who are super passionate for one side or another are creating false idol…..let me explain 🤩😍…….

At the end of the day……are you more concerned about your physical body or your soul?

This article reminds me of this!!! (Link below)

It should be unacceptable that ANY babies died/taken/murdered EVER for ANY science…..

That is not science……that is not health!!!!!

We as a society, a people, are soooo concerned with our physical health we miss the point of connecting with our souls health!

When we are in alignment with our souls health then we know what we individually need to do for our own over all health. We know what stand we need to make….where God is leading us…..and that looks different for each of us.

My prayer on this day…..as we get ready to enter into Holy Week…..we remember WHY Jesus came and died on the cross……to save our soul!!!!!

Have a thoughtful and thankful Thursday!!!


Many blessings always,

Kelly 💜🙏😍

Every rainstorm has a rainbow!

“Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now doesn’t mean that you aren’t headed for sunshine.” — Unknown

Sometimes we focus too much on the storm and don’t see that without the storm we wouldn’t have the rainbow….the colors!

Today I hold dearly and focus on the rainbow!

How about you? What storm are you experiencing and need to remember there will be a rainbow at the end and even in the middle of it!!!

Hugs and prayers always!


To Fear or not to Fear

As I was sitting and praying this morning…..thinking about the souls of our world…..and trying to understand how we ever got to such a decisive moment……I actually was reflecting on the v*x…..

And the thing that that has me most stumped is this…..there has always been a certain amount of devision on this topic…..that’s a given….

But those who have always argued FOR has backed it based on how proper trials were done so it’s safe….how it’s going to strengthen our immune system because it’s the actual cells of said virus…..

YET……here we are in a situation where NO animal trials have been done…..as a matter of fact it is still in its trials (we are the test subjects)……..

And…..it IS NOT truly a “v*x”……you look up the definition of what one is….because this is a dna manipulation it is actually called gene therapy….

Which has been around for awhile in that they have been trying to figure out how it could be beneficial for cancer treatment but there hasn’t been any success….

I’m not here trying to convince you to not take it…..I’m here to just share….because I feel too many of us don’t really know what’s going on….

I feel we have been successfully sold fear over the last year that even those who don’t think they have bought into fear are the ones who are most blind to the fear…..

And how do we know we are consumed by fear?

When we ONLY think about our physical body!

And that goes for both sides. That could mean even me who has no intention to receive the v*x……

If I walk around thinking and worrying how it’s going to effect my ability to travel, my ability to do xyz, who will I encounter that will have had it and I could receive their shedding…..etc….

When we do that we don’t focus on the most important: our soul….and the best way to support my souls health is to support our spiritual and mental health.

You see how I see it is the enemy is lazy yet conniving in that if he gets enough of us entering and spinning into fear and focusing on our physical health soooo much well then we will forget what’s the most important: our soul!

We weren’t made for this world…..our TRUE home is heaven. And that is what we should be focusing on. When we do that then the decisions we need to make become soooo much easier.

And that includes how we react versus respond to people who are on opposite ends of a topic. When we lash with our tongues and don’t love a person for their opinion we give fuel to the enemy again.

I say let’s stop giving him kindling….we can do this….we were made for so much more!

Have a fabulously blessed Friday!
Hugs and prayers always!

Kelly 😘

Loving you, Loving God

You show up for you and God show up for you!!!

Yes God is ALWAYS there but we don’t see Him, feel Him, experience Him until we are fully present in our own skin.

When we are fully present in our mind-body-soul-spirit health then we are fully present to experience Him.

Why? Because we are honoring the temple He has trusted us with. We are appreciating that we ARE made in the image and likeness of HIM.

So show yourself some love today…..you’ll be showing God how much you love Him!!!

Hugs and blessings always!


To V*X or not to V*X?

I don’t know about you but last week was crazy here in Texas! 

Especially those of us who live in central Texas…..heck I left the Panhandle to get away from all the crazy ice and cold!
But we survived and I think we all came out stronger from it!

I was so proud to hear about all the ways I had clients taking care of themselves that I just had to shout it out here. They really stepped into supporting their mind, body, soul, spirit health through last week.

Here are some of the highlights:
Staying warm: body brushing, Clove and Black Pepper oil on bottoms of feet.

Boosting immune system/nutritionTerraGreens, OnGuard softgels, getting out in the fresh air even when it was super cold for even a few minutes.

Sleep/rest:  Taking advantage of being forced to be unplugged to just sleep, rest, nap, read, write, relax.

Soul: connecting with family, helping neighbors, diving into scripture especially with lent having started last week.
I heard lots more from clients and friends but these are just the handful I wanted to really share with you.

Purely Simple Organic Living and I will be collaborating in putting together an Emergency Preparedness Class in the future to help those who felt blindsided.  I will keep you posted when we launch that. 

But until then….the most pressing topic we have been having brought to us is SHOULD I TAKE THE C*V*D V*X OR NOT?  Take note….I did purposely use asterisk so as to not be censored.  As you well know there has been a lot of that going on this last year….but even more so right now!  

I think this is an important topic for everyone but especially if you have an inflammatory or autoimmune condition — such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, or psoriasis — and take disease-modifying or immunosuppressant medication to treat it, it’s natural to have questions about getting a C*V*D-19 v*x. 

If you are struggling with whether or not you should take the C*v*d  V*X because you have an AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION this is the class for you!!! 

This class is only 2 days away!

sign up here!!

So I hope to see you in this special class on Thursday night….no it’s not about oils…..but I think it is super important for us to empower ourselves with how can we critically think for ourselves in making those health choices that only we can make because it is OUR BODY!

As always take care lots of hugs and prayers your way…..oh by the way I started a HAPPY HUGGERS GROUP….lol….You can learn more in my previous blog post:  HAPPY HUGGERS!

As always don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, support or to schedule a coaching session for Tapping, Wellness/Health, Mindset, Leadership, and/or Oils!

Many hugs, blessings, and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂


I posted last week on FACEBOOK about how I was thinking of starting a huggers club. The response I received was incredible. Apparently many feel the same as I do! WE need to stop fearing touch!

I shared a video last year when all this started. I expressed concern about our need for touch and how it was not going to be healthy for us if we went too long with this lack of touch.

And here we are a year later and the fear to touch has become normalized.

We don’t associate it with the rise in suicide.

we don’t associate it with the rise in fear.

All we think about is how to “be safe”.

There are amazing studies that back up our need for touch. How touch actually improves our immune system, lowers cortisol, does amazing things for the hypothalamus and the list goes on.

There is so much data supporting our physical, mental, and emotional health for touch.

but what I think is even more important is spiritual health. A hug implies community, communion with another. An acceptance, a concern, a consoling, comforting, welcoming…LOVE.


This last Sunday’s first reading and Gospel were so fitting. They were about the lepers. I don’t ever believe in coincidences. The fact that God has placed this wild idea of creating a HUGGERS GROUP and then the readings ended up being what they were… sunk deep into my soul! And our priest’s sermon just drove it home! I WAS COMMITED TO STARTING THIS GROUP!

Something I want us to ponder on, why are we more concerned with our physical health and not concerned enough about our mental, emotional, and spiritual health?

We have turned into a world where we walk around fearing touch – modern-day leprosy.

What if we embraced a love for one another – no matter where we stood on each of the current subjects of masks, vax, sex, race – all of it! Instead embraced LOVEabolishing fear ONE HUG AT A TIME!

If you find this idea refreshing and want to join in on the HAPPY HUGGERS join us here!

Within this group, we are going to challenge ourselves to PROPOSE HUGS to others each day. AND to love them even if they say no!

This may sound simple but sometimes the most simple is all it needs. And sometimes the simple is also the most challenging.

I am going to challenge myself to go to a different neighbor each day and as them if they could use a hug today. If they are open to a hug!?

If they say yes – they yay it’s a win for both of us!

If they say no – I will smile and let them know it’s okay, they are loved, and is there any way I can support them this week or this day?

I will also assess when I am out and about at stores and do the same thing!

Simple as that! It will take courage. A willingness to be told no and still smile. To not impose thoughts, reasons why hugs are important, just a simple smile and loving acceptance of where they are at. that is true love and that is how we are going to overcome the enemies hold on this world with this fear-demic.

I hope you will join me on this simple HAPPY HUGGERS crusade of adding hugs to your life, the life of others, and spreading love ONE HUG AT A TIME!

many hugs and prayers always,


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