Just say NO!

Do you have a hard time saying no to others?

I know I do! I won’t even get into the psychology of it today!

But today’s BOGO is truly the papa of all the BOGOs this week!

You might be thinking, “How Kelly?!”

How could dōTERRA possibly top yesterday’s BOGO of Frank and Jasmine?!

Well today’s BOGO ties ALL the days together and provides us with the amazing physical and emotional protection we sooo need!

I was so wowed by today’s BOGO that I did not one but three videos 🤓🤗😘!

So let’s not even spend any extra minutes writing but let’s start watching…lol!

This first video is how and why we need to say no!

Then here is a bonus video that usually only my private group received! Making Chai ☕️ with OnGuard!

Finally how our family personally uses OnGuard to protect us throughout the year. Especially with fall and winter and school seasons coming back up!!

Now the question is are you open to say NO to all the unnecessary….non-essentials in life so you can say YES to your authentic self?!

I’m ready to support and serve and bless you!

Sit with this….pray about it….write….tap and….

Oil up! (Do you need oils?!) let’s get ya started on your health journey of healing and hope!

My hugs and prayers always!


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Truth & Trust = Hope & Healing

I’ve been having some symptoms with my physical health coming up recently but hey has been well….frustrating the daylights out of me!

So yesterday I was praying and asking God: what do I need to be doing? What oils have I not thought of? What emotion having I not tapped on? What have I not addressed?!

He gave me part of the answer yesterday but then told me wait….

I was like ugh…how long do I have to wait!!!!!

Then this morning as I was doing my morning prayers, reading the daily readings and gospel…..I open my email and see which two oils are the BOGO….and I about weeped with joy and peace.

Because HE knew that these were the two I literally needed!

We all want to hurry along healing but as many years as there is of hurts pains and trauma we have that many years of emotions to clear out. This doesn’t mean we stay stuck in the muck.

It means we are patient and loving to ourselves. It means we give ourselves grace. It means we walk with the truth that our yoke May feel heavy but His burden is light!


I got a bit well…personal… on my personal Facebook page today…lol…

I did this because…..

If there is anyone who you think can use this message of hope and healing through sexual trauma please share this and pass it along!

Maybe you know someone who could really use the encouragement and reminder of how beautifully wonderfully made they are!

Let’s spread hope and healing….because that is the way we are going to take our true health back. That is how we are going to connect our physical and emotional health and watch the fireworks of our health skyrocket!

Click this video to uncover the lies behind our sexual huts and traumas!

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And in this video I talk about the physical and emotional connection of Frankincense and Jasmine for our liver health!

Yes our liver health! We hold anger in our liver! When we have trauma….we have anger! We must cleanse that out!

Let’s heal! Let’s spread hope! Let’s shine! Let’s be the best version of ourselves so we can be the intentional disciples God created us to be!!!

What is holding you back from your healing?

Sit…pray…..write….tap….and oil up!

Then let’s talk! I want to serve and bless you on this journey!!

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Many hugs, blessings, and prayers….ALWAYS!!!

Kelly 🤗💧💜

Shoo Fly! (Today’s BOGO!)

I remember when I had my thyroid storm several years back I had A LOT of family and friends not happy with me!



I was saying NO to travel!

I was saying No to late nights!

I was saying no to commitments!


I was saying yes to healing!

I was saying yes to hope!

I was saying yes to me!

Sometimes we feel like we HAVE to do something because we are pressured into it, bullied, guilted…..

This lowers our energy….weakens our spirit…compromises our health!

Today’s video talks about how we can banish emotional vampires as well as boost our immune system!

Are you open to saying yes to you!!?

When you’re ready to to pursue a whole health full of healing and hope….

When you’re open to amazing transformation….

I’m here ready to serve you…bless you!

There is sooo much I provide for you…resources….tools….private content….extra freebies….continual support and freebies!!!!

The list truly goes on! So let’s start you on a journey of saying yes to you!

Yes you ARE ENOUGH and YES you are WORTH it!!!!

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My blessings and prayers always…

Kelly 😘

Speak Boldly with Life and Cheer! (Tuesday July 17 BOGO)

For so many years I didn’t speak up about all the different forms of sexual abuse I had been experiencing over the course of 20 years plus. I was afraid no one would listen, would really hear me, would even blame me or make excuses like “well you know boys will be boys!”….. So I kept my mouth shut.

The problem with this was even when I thought I was “over it” and healed…past it….my body, my spirit knew I had work to still do!

The unspoken lack of confident of stating out loud, “I WAS WRONGED!”….well this slowly robbed me of my zest for life.

I was losing my ability to find pleasure in the simple things I use to love love like crafting and creating things with my hands.

My body was starting to hold on to the toxins of the burden I had put upon it by remaining silent. I was becoming a lifeless shell with no passion for anything.

My thyroid storm was my body’s wake up call to address a much bigger emotional issue. My body was begging my spirit and my voice to have courage and to find fulfillment in the healing process.

When was the last time you didn’t speak up for yourself? How did it make you feel? How can you bring some courage and cheer back into your life?!

Essential oils are that bridge for us. That bridge for our physical and emotional health!

In todays video I highlight three oils that can address exactly that.

My prayer is it will help you find hope and healing in your health!

Many blessings and prayers always!



The three oils I highlight today are also the BOGO for today….that is they are for today only! Tuesday July 17, 2018!

I pray you won’t miss out on starting this journey with me.

In a world where you can pick so many educators, advocate, coaches…. I want you to know I’m here to serve and bless you! I coach you, support you, and empower you to transform your life, transform you mind, transform your body, transform your spirit!

Are you open to start your transformation today?!

Speak the truth: You ARE enough! (Plus today only BOGO you won’t want to miss!)

How often do we beat ourselves up after the weekend telling ourselves….ugh why did I shop so much? Why did I eat so much? Why did I drink so much? Why didn’t I go to church?!

We are hard on ourselves….we don’t give ourselves the same grace Christ gives us!

This week I’m going to pause on sharing the book because I want to really address this with all of us….but especially women….girls!

I know this deeply: the beat self up mantra! It goes with the territory of dysmorphia, sexual abuse/trauma, shame……

But you and I can and are free of the lies…..if we allow ourselves to be!

Because that’s the key….we have a choice!

We have a choice to love ourselves as Christ loves us: unconditionally!

Or we can choose the enemies lies that: we aren’t tall enough, skinny enough, smart enough….lie lie lie!!!!

Enjoy today’s video about how Serenity and Lavender can be a tool in your armor to defeat the enemy!

Many blessings and prayers always!

Kelly 😇💧💜

(Don’t forget to read more below!)

Link to video: http://bit.ly/2uq6MF9

BOGOs are here 🤗💧💜!

Did you know YOU ARE ENOUGH?!

Let’s connect to this truth with serenity and lavender!

Ready to start believing in yourself?

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I’m ready to serve and bless you on this adventure! Are you open to receive?

Messy Perfection

Have you ever had the kind of day, week, where you wonder: really?!


So last week …actually the Saturday/Sunday where June and July met… I felt drainage going on….yuck. I had all the signs that things were going haywire with my system. Sure enough I woke up that Sunday with my throat on fire. But I KNEW it wasn’t strep. It was just an overload of toxins in the air as well as some foods that were creating an antihistamine issue in my body. Traveling didn’t help but hey a girls got to have fun right!

Thus the week of the fourth my head was stuffy and full of muck, my throat on fire, no voice, and I definitely couldn’t put together a thought in more than three or four words nonetheless try to write anything. But I was at peace with it. I knew I needed to focus on healing physically. As well as reflect to see if there were any root emotions that needed to be addressed that I possibly had been ignoring. Because even though helping others recognize the physical and emotional connection of their health is how I serve and bless others doesn’t mean I always recognize it in myself.

Well by Friday I was feeling great. I had been using an oils and nutritional and tapping protocol for myself and I was ready to get back to writing and so much more!!!

Then lightning hit! Literally!!!

Wiped out our tv, blue ray player, modem and router!!!

Ok I could careless about the tv and blue ray player but my INTERNET!!!!! Ugh! How was I going to get anything done! I do 90% of what I do virtually! And my hubby was going out of town that day and he is my tech guy.

Therefore I have gone all this week without internet at my home! I’ve had to be extremely resourceful and conservative with my data on my phone!

I found myself not posting and writing here because I thought, well if I can’t do it from the computer I’m not going to do it! But then I realized I’ve posted from my phone before. And I’ve challenged myself before I’m the sense of if I had to live with only one device could I do it all from my phone. And the answer is yes! Is it ideal: no. But can it work: yes.

But the biggest thing was writing is like breathing for me….if I’m not writing and sharing I’m not living in my fullest of vibration. I’m not being me!

So here I am sitting and writing on my phone because writing makes me feel alive! And I don’t want to put something off just because it’s not ideal or the perfect situation.

When we wait for things to be “perfect” we are not flowing. Because honestly nothing can be perfect!

Have you put off something you love doing because you were waiting for the perfect moment?! Stop right now and go do it! Be the best version of yourself right now! Be joyfully mess versus miserably perfect!

And have a fabulous Friday exploring your dreams, your desires, your destiny!!!

As always take this to prayer…journal about it….oil up and tap!!!

Many hugs, blessings and prayers always,

Kelly 🤗

Hope or Hurt?!

God is sooooo amazing!  I’m not a typical blogger….I don’t schedule things out….I loosely write down what I want to share….but I let the holy spirit lead me.

And it’s been the same way with writing this book as well.  I have purposed myself to show up each week to write a bit more between all else I am writing and doing.  So I didn’t schedule out or know when this chapter would fall….and it is just further confirmation on how beautiful God’s healing power is when we live in HIS WILL versus our will.  Because this chapter has fallen on its anniversary.  He has revealed to me the next layer of healing that is so profound and amazing.  I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when things like this happen…because they happen all the time to me…..and I’m not so much surprised as I am just in awe as HIS AMAZING GRACE OF HEALING AND HOPE!

May this chapter provide healing and hope for you with your past abuses, traumas!

Many blessings and prayers always my dear one!!

Kelly 🙂

chapter 8


NEW BOYFRIEND/NEW HOPE:…..It was my senior year, boyfriend #2 was graduated and for the most part: out of the picture.  Besides there was a new boy in town.  He was a year younger than me but he was intriguing.  He was an artist, more sensitive, and had a magnetism that I found alluring.  As I got to know him it didn’t matter to me that he did drugs.  After all it was only pot and a little bit of acid. What harm could that really be, right?!  I rationalized this was what made him so creative and good with his art.   It didn’t matter he was into porn.  He was able to convince me that it was only another form of “art” and that there was beauty in the magazines.  I fell for it!!!  I was so confused on boundaries at this point in my life because after all I wasn’t having sexual intercourse so surely I was still a virgin, therefore I couldn’t possibly be doing anything wrong.   I didn’t know how to talk to my parents because really they didn’t know how to talk to me about the beauty of our sexuality.  They didn’t have TOB (Theology of the Body) to teach me.

This new boyfriend was good to me when he wasn’t high. He was tender and loving, when he wasn’t high.  I thought this was a good thing.  It was when he was high or trying to make a score that things weren’t always smooth.  One time I got in trouble and yelled at for his pot blowing away while we were out at a park.  The very next day was when I felt I couldn’t say no when he decided to push the boundaries past what we had set.  And he wasn’t going to take no for an answer after all I owed him for his pot blowing away.  Now at this point in life I couldn’t discern if it was or wasn’t rape because after all I was broken goods.

Has your past experiences made you feel like “broken” goods?  Made you feel like since you’ve allowed certain boundaries to be crossed you don’t have a right to say no to the next boundary?!

Let’s take a look at the blend of: SPEARMINT, GINGER, CITRUS BLISS

SPEARMINT: when a person has been raped there is a very deep need to have courage to speak up.  To make a stand against the wrong that was done to them.  There is a need for clarity and conviction in speaking up for themselves.

GINGER: rape can cause a victim mentality that can paralyze a person into hiding.  Ginger releases the warrior within you to address the limiting belief that you are a victim.

CITRUS BLISS: When your body has been used and violated there is a strong temptation to give up on truly living.  We need to restore our confidence, live abundantly, find the magic in living again.

Diffuse these three oils together or create a roller bottle so you can place them on pulse points.  These are especially powerful oils to tap with.  They will encourage amazing emotional release through your prayer and tapping.


Heavenly Father, lead me to scripture that reminds me that I AM NOT A VICTIM…..I HAVE A VOICE…..AND THIS LIFE IS MAGICAL BECAUSE YOU CREATED IT FOR ME!  I know that your word, the bible, is your personal love letters to us and that it is where I can go for peace, hope, healing…..today I will let you lead me to the words that are going to help me on this journey.  In your most precious love and mercy…thank you….AMEN!

File Jan 17, 3 06 30 PM

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Why So Serious?!

Last week I was receiving a massage from a dear friend.  She is truly amazing at her gift.  She does a type of massage that is therapeutic (I honestly don’t remember what kind…sorry!) Over the years I have learned to appreciate how important massage is for not only self-care, but also for minimizing inflammation with Hashimotos.  An added bonus is every time I have a massage it aids the healing of my past sexual traumas.

Having had 20 years of different forms of sexual abuses occur had left my body and spirit depleted and uncomfortable with things like a massage.  I was never able to feel fully relaxed for a massage.  It meant I was vulnerable.  It meant my body was exposed.  So not only would my fight, flight or flee receptors kick in but my dysmorphia would trigger.

But now, years later, I am able to experience the gift and beauty of this amazing experience that is truly life giving for me!

Have you ever had a struggle with truly becoming comfortable with a massage or a situation where you felt you were physically exposed thus vulnerable?!

Keep digging deep in your spiritual and emotional healing so you can feel the fullness of the physical healing massage can provide.

Now lets move on to my next chapter of this book.  I have been reflecting so much on what the title should be….so if any of you have any suggestions I would love your input ;)….

As you’ll discover this boyfriend was a piece of work. And you know what is super sad, years later even after I was married I still found myself wanting to impress him, to show him I had made something of my life.  It was then that God truly looked me in the eye and said, “Do you really want to heal?!”

So this is what I pose to you as well:  Do you really want to heal!?  How can you make sure you are moving in a healing direction?

With that….may you find blessings of healing and hope with this next chapter….

Many blessings and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂

PS…I would love to add your healing petitions to my prayers.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can add you to my prayer list….

chapter 7

CHAPTER 7: Why So Serious!?

2nd SERIOUS BOYFRIEND:  Have you ever had an experience, a relationship, where you truly wonder, “How on earth did I allow myself to be put into this situation?”  “Why would I allow myself to be treated so horribly?”  That was this relationship for me.  I honestly have no clue how or why I ever became attracted to this boy who was a year older than me.  And to add to it, he was truly mean and rude to me from day one.  Yet I think I truly begged for him to date me.  I know he was friends with several of my good friends.  I was a cheerleader, he was a basketball player. And we had youth group together.  Maybe it was all those different constant encounters that had him on my radar.

Thus, I entered a year of the most toxic and degrading relationship at the ripe age of 16.   The abuse from him was verbal and sexual.  He expected and demanded things from me that I felt I couldn’t say no to because I was desperate at this point to be loved “in all the wrong ways”.  He cheated on me continually yet I was so desperate for his love that I accepted it.  I compromised my faith for him.  It saddens me to know that hours before my confirmation I compromised my dignity just to please him. The shame of sinful behavior brought me even deeper into my self-loathing. The lowest point of this abusive relationship was when he forced me to perform things for him, holding me down telling me I owed it to him because he did me a favor by taking me to prom.  Then when he dropped me off at home he went out to be with someone else.

Because of this relationship I never even saw how going to a teacher for guidance would bring me into yet another vulnerable situation of being used and abused.  You see I was sooo naïve that I wasn’t sure if a girl could get pregnant if she hadn’t had intercourse.  I had a pretty good relationship with my science teacher.  I thought he was weird, but he made me feel special.  That should’ve been my first sign that something wasn’t right about him.  But I was so confused and hurt by this boyfriend that I often went to this teacher for help, guidance and an ear.  During one of the many times I expressed concern that I hadn’t started my period but I hadn’t had sex so surely I couldn’t be pregnant.  He shared how you didn’t have to have intercourse to become pregnant.  I freaked.  He said there is a way to know if a girl is pregnant without having to take a test.  He said there were physical signs that showed up around our breasts.  This is how broken I was, I said yes to showing him my breasts in the dark back lab room.

It wasn’t until years later that I would realize that what my boyfriend had done to me, how he forced me on him is rape.  And it didn’t take me too long to realize that the science teacher I had trusted truly had used me and this was a form of sexual abuse/misconduct.

In walks our next blend of: MARJORAM, BERGOMOT, HELICHRYSUM

If you have a past trauma like this, then opening yourself up to trust others, to not fall into limiting beliefs, and to restore confidence in yourself through the pain can feel overwhelming if not impossible.

MARJORAM: will assist you in trusting others again, to remember it’s okay to feel safe with another person and to not sabotage a relationship based on past wounds.

BERGAMOT: pure and simple will open your heart to accept yourself and to close the door on limiting beliefs.  Especially the limiting belief that you’re not worthy of real love.

HELICHRYSUM: will address the intense deep wounds and pain of being abused and/or raped.  It reminds you to have the strength to transform your life, to have hope in your healing, and to know you are worthy!

Diffuse these three oils together or create a roller bottle so you can place them on pulse points.  These are especially powerful oils to tap with.  They will encourage amazing emotional release through your prayer and tapping.


Heavenly Father, you remind me in 2 Kings 20:5 that you have heard my prayers and seen my tears, you will heal me.  I have nothing more to fear.  I need not fear living this amazing life to its fullness.  The pain of abuse and even personal choices are washed away by your precious son’s blood.  I WILL open my heart to accept YOU in assisting me during this process to gain the confidence to heal and trust others to be fully present in this amazing life.  I am transformed by your love and mercy.  Thank you Lord for the strength to transform, accept, and connect!  Amen.

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